My name is Moonyeka.

Within me is a whole squad of cut throat, but gracious Aswang. If you are unfamiliar with Aswangs, consider the following: Imagine that in the back of your heart is a portal. You enter, and once you arrive, there’s a blanket of humid air and your human self. You are amidst a rainforest and there is a clearing. Where the sunbreaks from the treetops, you are allured to a silhouetted me. Between my palms: a coconut husk cup full of the water you speak your intentions into. I pour the tubig over your head, a translucent veil adorns you and sends you to the pelvic sea of your deepest desires. Now swim.

I am the reigning deity of the $lut Sanctuary where you can call me Goddexx.

I am on a journey to integrate my erotic knowledge from various lived experience within the sex work industry, performing arts, and Aswang* guidance to offer sensually sacred, erotic, and body experiential healing spaces, especially for the communities that have raised me. *Aswang is an umbrella term for various shape-shifting, mythological, animist, folkloric, "evil" spirits and creatures in Filipino folklore.

What guided me to these offerings was my own transmutation work around my compounding trauma. I learned how to create and close portals, re-myth stories from my spirits, dance with my shadows, shape shift myself and my world into irresistible fantasy realms, reacquaint myself with fire, water, air, and earth.

My work is molded by ancestors from all realms and timescapes. The work that I offer works me everyday.

As my lessons crystallize I am led to my deep desire to offer transcendent spaces for you, for us.

It is with great reverence that I offer gratitude to all the lands, oceans, healers that have held me and generously talked story, shared knowledge. May the work I do serve the people, places, and historical timelines that contributed to my cycling deaths and rebirths.

Pre covid-19 I directed LIL BROWN GIRLS CLUB (a movement based mentorship program for young g*rls of color), organized (e)merge: a movement based healing intensive for dance communities and beyond in September 2019; and am working on LOOB**—a multi-disciplinary biomythography/memoir as part of my 2020 Northwest Film Forum x Velocity Dance Center Dance Film Residency.