Sticker Paradise

Come and explore some handmade stickers.We offer store bought stickers too.

Hi and welcome to Sticker Paradise.We have some interesting stickers that are handmade.These take effort but this is my passion.I would like you to know that you do not need to pay for these stickers.They are to be traded. You can use your own sticker collection to trade with us.Some stickers can also be customised.Have fun and keep exploring ☺️

Here is our collection:
- Sumikko Gurashi Collection
- Metallic Heart (Store bought, rose gold)
- Desserts
- Penguin Package
- Strawberry Package
- WhatsApp Stickers
- Customized Stickers ( name,quotes,etc.)

These are the materials that will be used to decorate the personalized stickers (you may choose a maximum of 2 types):

- Stone Flakes ( 2 types)
- Gold Speckles
- Coloured Glitter
- Coloured Sequin

Note that you may also request for special packaging as long as you give more stickers to trade.This will allow for a bigger trade offer from you.

You may clarify your queries and order on my WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram.

Lastly,don't forget to stay sweet and love yourself❤️

My Tik Tok and Instagram

Hi everyone.I want to tell you more about what I might be posting on my Instagram or TikTok.

The information of what I might be doing on my accounts is not confirmed yet. These are just some possibilities to keep you updated so that you know just a little more information about my future posts.

So, without any further delay,let's get started.

Information I might be posting in the future:
- Rainbow Loom
- Resin Crafts
- Origami
- Roblox Skins
- Edited Videos
- Some crafts

Please not that these are just some possibilities.There might be more or there might be only a few but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and tell me what you would like to see.

Have fun and stay sweet,bye! (•‿•)

Have fun