More Than a Pretty Face

Who is Soléil McCants?

I'm Soléil.

I'm more than a pretty face.

I'm a 10 year veteran of Search Engine Marketing across various brands and verticals. I'm an Award Winning Activist having served on multiple Board of Directors, volunteer for organizations that address inequities in the LGBTQIA+community and food insecurity in underprivileged areas among other causes.

I'm outspoken, respectfully of course. I've been invited to speak at events hosted by a local marketing association, Asian Pacific Island non profit and appeared on podcasts discussing a variety of topics.

If my pretty face or credentials aren't enough....I love BACON!!!

She's a hoot!

I like to think that I don't take life too seriously.

I'm not reckless, I do pay my bills on time, I just have a zest for living. In fact, my middle name is Joie and as you guessed it, it means zest for life.

I'm fun and funny. Even my coworkers think so:

Armando T says "I've had the pleasure of working with Soléil for almost two years and in that time not only has she demonstrated the utmost professionalism and knowledge in her field but her knack for team building games is always a treat that we all look forward to".

Aaron C says "I have worked with Soleil for more than a year at Caesars and she has been a delight to work with: smart, funny, and most importantly, she's very good at what she does. She's the best".

Besides making people laugh you may find me obnoxiously taking pictures of food at restaurants, binging scary movies in the summer, traveling places Ive seen on the travel channel or channeling burlesque legend Tempest Storm in a homework assignment. (See above)

Miscellaneous Tidbits about Moi

My partner and I have 4 dogs together

I'm the baby in my family

I'm not local to Vegas but feel like it's home

I would love to visit the Canary Islands someday

I'm a foodie

I'm a fan of Leeds United soccer in England

J'etudie Le Francais

As of 2/22/22 I'm Engaged to be Married

But I Do Have a Pretty Face