About Morgan

Hii beautiful humans and welcome to...my thoughts , I guess .

My name is Morgan Rothman, currently a student at Stellenbosch university . It's interesting to see how things differ from High school and I think that inspired me to start all this , the fact that things change,but change is beautiful ain't it? Anyway so this will be about thoughts , experiences , opinions etc. And just the everyday life of a student or well of this student.

This is just me being me and sharing things with the world .
I'm excited and I hope you are as well x

Let's talk about personal growth !

Well let's start off by explaining what personal growth is. It's the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. I want to hightlight the "ongoing" part .

Personal growth isn't rushed and it surely isn't something you can force,personal growth happens slowly but surely but also it's ongoing,why ? simply because people never stop growing (mentally I mean. because I'm pretty short and pretty sure I've physically stopped growing)and that's the beauty of it .

You keep changing and when you look back at how you've been over all the years,everyone can say that they have grown and a good tip to keep up with all the changes in your life is to document it or to write it down or to just sit down and think "wow,a year ago I wouldn't have been like this"

People are so easy to say "oh she has changed" or "you're not the same anymore" and we take offense to that sometimes,but why ? I'm a firm believer that change is beautiful and change is inevitable because no one, NO ONE stays the same. 

So for all of you out there who is really going through a loooot of changes ... It's okay, it's more than okay actually, IT'S GREAT ! Embrace the changes in your life . Change is part of growth,and you should never stop 'rooting' for yourself (I hope y'all catch the pun lol)