Hey girl, I’m Morgan!

I was made for more & so are YOU!

It wasn’t long ago I was a young, broke and newly graduated college student. With an associates degree in baking and pastry, I headed off into the field and started as an intern at a beautiful restaurant in Portland, Maine. I LOVED my job. It was fun, fast paced, and exciting! Until... I learned I was pregnant. Like a wave crashing over me, suddenly everything changed. My job required crazy hours, I would work 12 hour days and not get home until midnight most nights.. so my husband and I were at a loss. How were we going to stay afloat after losing my income when we were already barely getting by? I don’t just mean living paycheck to paycheck. We were putting groceries on credit cards, putting $5 in the gas tank and just PRAYING it would be enough to get to work for the week.. we were struggling. It was hard. It was scary, and now there was a little tiny baby growing inside me that I was responsible for.

Like it was meant to be, a few days later I saw a girl on social media posting about how she was making money from her phone repping plant-based health and beauty products! I had friends growing up whose moms did “things like this” but this was ONLINE???? No parties. No inventory. Literally from my phone! Welcome to the 21st century!

With $0 in my checking account I picked up that maxed out credit card and charged it for my influencer license. I figured “What‘s another $99 when we are so far in debt? If this could CHANGE THINGS???”

I 100% used Facebook and Instagram meet people from all over the world who wanted to be healthier and make more money! Within DAYS I had made my investment back. And that’s when I knew I had something on my hands that could change SO MANY LIVES!

Since then we’ve been able to buy our first home. I was able to leave my job with crazy hours and I’m now a stay at home mom with my 2 year old beautiful daughter. She’s sitting on my lap as I type these words and I could not be more grateful.

The future doesn’t make me anxious or fearful anymore, our bills are paid every night, and even have leftover for fun stuff and for a rainy day fund.

But more than just the financial freedom, I’ve been able to grow into the best version of myself. I get to be the best mother, wife, friend, coach... I get to love who I am and who I am becoming. I get to be an example to my daughter of what it looks like to dream big and go after the things you want in life.

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