Hey friend , it’s Morgan !

Life changing being a teen mom with disability

Have you ever thought your life wouldn’t change for who you are ? Well that’s why I am here to tell you my story of my disability and me being a teen mom. It all started when I was born. They did a normal hearing test on me day after I was born just like your child would have one done too. They diagnosed my mother that I have a bilateral hearing loss in both of my ears and that it could get worst as I get older. Years go by and I finally get my first hear aid at three year old. Now let me tell you the day I got my first hear aid is the day that I could feel like a normal child. But as I got older I realize god purpose for me being deaf was to accept who I am.

Have you ever though your life would be ruin ? Well that’s why I am here to tell you my story as being a teen mom at 18. I use to be one of those teen girl thinking it okay to go out and party and get drunk. Well since I thought it was okay I end up pregnant. I know for a fact that god plan this to happen to me because I was on the wrong path and I needed to be back on the right path. That right path lead me to share my story of my life. Is being a teen mom a struggle with finically ? I am here to tell you yes being a teen mom is a struggle for finically stable life. But does that stop me to not keep going for my daughter and myself? Well I say no to that because I am here to say that I can do anything I put my mind too and I am capable to be a good mom as possible as I can to my daughter. I also here to say you can do anything you put your mind too and you are being an awesome mom. Keep being you and I promise your kids are going to look up to you and think that if my mom can do anything then I can too.

Never give up on yourself ‼️

You’re too awesome to give up on yourself 🥰

You are worth being yourself ✨

Hey it’s Morgan again !

Do you have what it take to know who you are ?

Do you have what it take to know who you are ? Well my friends that’s why I am here to tell you my side of my story. Most of you know I have disability called a bilateral hearing loss. This condition can get worst as I continue to grow in life or it can stay the same. But to answer this question it took me a very long time to know who I am. The reason why I say this is because I grew up getting bullied and get laughed at how I talk or don’t pronounce words right. I am so glad god let this happen to me because if it wasn’t for my disability I wouldn’t be where I am now. Knowing who I am is the best feeling I could ever have. Also knowing who I am helped me help other that have a disability to know that they are worth more than everything they have in life. Knowing who I am made me help the one that get picked on everywhere they go to help them get off the ground and to help them to be strong and don’t let things get in their way to accomplish things in life. I want everyone to know just because someone make you feel like you can’t do anything in life don’t let that determine how you want to accomplish things in life because you can do anything you out your mind too. Here my question for you , Do you have what it take to know who you are ?