Hey There! 👋

My Name is Morgan and I'm here to spread love!

But I'm also a Cannabis loving mama from New England, who is obsessed with growing in all aspects!
Spiritually, mentally, physically & especially financially!

I try to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle from the things I read/watch to consume & use, but you'll learn all about that!

With me, you'll find yourself free of judgment and encouraged to always be your most authentic self.

In this space we only empower, love and LIFT others. We are all connected energetically to one another and, I believe that life is truly better as a united whole. 🤍

Let's connect & open new doors to success together!

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- Testimonials -

Stories from friends

"Radiates positive energy"

"So grateful to have crossed paths with Morgan! She's is such an inspirational soul and radiates positive energy! So glad to have this lady by my side as I continue my spiritual journey, lucky to call her my friend."


"She woke a beast inside me"

"Morgan came into my life almost a year ago now and she has saved me in more than one ways. If it wasn't enough that she helped save me from a immobile lifestyle, she also helped awaken a new version of me that I never knew existed. She never lets me stay down mentally. She helps me exercise the limits within my own perosnal growth everyday. She woke a beast inside me that wanted to knock out any goal I put in sight! She has made into someone that can stand in a crowd with confidence. She has shown me what I can bring to any table and she is the reason I know how to love myself again. Thank you Morgan may you continue to set the world on fire with your beautiful aura and addicting ability to help those who want a better life."


"Unconditional love and understanding"

"After talking with Morgan just a few times, I have learned to stand tall with my head held high. She has taught me to not be apologetic for the small things in life. She has touched my soul with unconditional love and understanding, that has lifted my heart to a level I didn't know I had. She is definitely a Queen that straightened my crown without making it known. For that, I'm grateful!"


"She doesn't indulge in any BS"

"Working with Morgan has been nothing short of a blessing. Her calm, cool, and collected attitude is everything I needed and more. She radiates a confidence that is inspiring even when uncertain, she doesn't indulge in any BS, and she keeps you grounded when you stray from the desired path. I have never met Morgan in person, only through virtual meetings and calls, and I can't imagine a day without her at my fingertips. I'm confident in my own personal journey knowing she has my back and is only one quick call away. I feel honored to be a part of her team and to call her a dear friend. ❤"


Welcome to the Family!

Let's get you set up for success