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MONAT features powerful active botanicals that keep your hair and skin looking and feeling healthy. It protects your hair from UV rays, prevents thinning, combats oxidative stress, and replaces essential nutrients for hair & the skincare works to rewind signs of aging while enriching skin with needed benefits like hydration, moisture, and balancing the skin whether dry or oily.

You’ll see & feel the difference in an instant & with regular use, you’ll discover a brilliant, youthful glow to your hair and skin, along with long-lasting conditioning results.

how can MONAT help your hair?

MONAT makes hair follicles stronger which means less shedding. ◦ MONAT reduces the hormone DHT which is the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. ◦ MONAT is clinically proven to regrow lost hair. ◦ MONAT is safe to use, being toxin free, paraben free, sulfate free, cyclic silicone free...the list goes on!!

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How can Monat help your skin?

MONAT optimizes texture and elasticity while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots ◦ MONAT offers the most advanced approach to anti-aging skincare available today ◦ Clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, MONAT Skincare products are naturally based, vegan, and cruelty-free

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we have products for every hair type and we can customize a specific system JUST FOR YOU! Here are some of the best and most universal MONAT products to start with to work through & get rid of all the gunk & build-up you have from years of using traditional products. Your hair type and hair goals will determine which products to start with!

Where are my normal to dry people? You may need: 🖤 ◦ Smoothing Shampoo (great universal shampoo) ◦ Renew Shampoo (most hydrating shampoo) ◦ Smoothing Conditioner (moisture & shine) ◦ Rejuveniqe Oil (night treatments to help with your pH balance or use as a finisher for your dry ends) My normal to oily people? You may need: 🖤 ◦ Revive Shampoo (volume) ◦ Black 2n1 Shampoo + Conditioner (gently clarifies and balances scalp pH) ◦ Revitalize Conditioner (moisture & volume) ◦ Rejuveniqe Oil (night treatments to help with your pH balance) Some tips: ◦ If you’re not really dry, but also not really oily – your best bet is to go with smoothing shampoo. ◦ If you’ve got a head of curls, you more than likely need a balance of moisture and hydration - so pairing something like renew shampoo (hydration) with smoothing conditioner (moisture) is great! ✨ Side note: If you look at the website, you’ll notice that there are many different systems along with many other shampoos & conditioner to choose from. Make sure to message me (OR take the hair quiz) so we can customize for your specific needs and goals. All of our shampoos & conditioners target specific issues to help in different ways for your desired results. ✨

Did you know that it's recommended to start an anti-aging skincare routine in your 20s? Don't have an anti-aging skincare routine and don't know where to start? Or do you have a skincare routine that just isn't cutting it anymore? No worries, we've got TWO that are perfect for all skin types.

My oily to combination skin people? You may need: 🖤 ◦ Be Balanced Routine ◦ Age-blurring effects nourish and hydrate the skin you’re in, giving you a brightened, renewed and healthy-looking complexion. These are your skin essentials—made with advanced skin technology and the finest naturally based ingredients. My dry and sensitive skin people? You may need: 🖤 ◦ Be Gentle Routine ◦ This gentle routine is designed to soothe and hydrate your skin with the finest naturally based ingredients for a renewed, healthy-looking, youthful complexion. Made with the most sensitive skin in mind, it’s Mother Nature-approved. Feel like you're in the middle somewhere? No worries! You can mix and match your skincare routine items to fit your exact needs.

what’s the hype with this REJUVENIQE Oil?

It’s a non-greasy blend of 11+ ingredients that mimic the body’s natural oils allowing for deeper & a more effective moisturizing. It is the ONLY oil on the market that can penetrate all 3 layers of the hair shaft down to the medulla, also AMAZING for your skin🧖🏼‍♀️ ◦ Who should use it? YOU, ME, everyone, oily people, dry people, literally everyone with and without hair! It’s my favorite MONAT product, because it's so versatile! What is it used for? (Here comes the fun part!) 😍 • Helping with frizz & split ends • Improving natural hair growth • Balancing oils to decrease greasiness & dryness • Deep oil treatments once a week • Adding shine • Reduces hair thinning • Treating cradle cap • Soothing rosacea/psoraisis/eczema/rashes/bug bites • Moisturizing dry skin anywhere on the body • Decreasing dandruff • Minimizing scars/stretch marks • Makeup remover • Treating dry lips • Drying your nail polish quickly • Soothing sunburn • Reducing morning eye puffiness • Mix into moisturizer to hydrate skin even more • etc, etc, etc! (There are 100+ uses for this bad boy!) It’s a must-have product when starting the transition over to MONAT products. It’s worth every penny & will last 4-6 months! ✨ There is even a NEW Light version now for those with thin, fine hair and oily to combination skin. This is the one I use!

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Not sure you want to start with shampoo & conditioner? That’s ok - you’ll have to check out the slew of styling & treatment products we have on my website. We even launched Skincare in September and it is hands down the best products I've ever used and being features in many editor's choice publications like Vogue, Allure, and Forbes. We can talk about skincare another time though! There really is something for everyone!  —

◦ A safer, more conditioning alternative to your store bought hairspray or dry shampoo?! award winning THE CHAMP dry shampoo & REFINISH control hairspray ◦ Major split ends? award winning REJUVABEADS split end mender ◦ Use heat on your hair often with a blow dry, curling iron, or straightener? BLOW OUT CREAM or THERMAL PROTECT STYLING SHIELD ◦ Need additional moisture to your ends and help with breakage? RESTORE leave-in conditioner ◦ How about longer, natural lash & brow growth? EYE WONDER LASH AND BROW SERUM ...& the list goes on! We have sprays, masques & creams for everyone’s needs. They’re great to add on as your love for MONAT grows. ❤️

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