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My name is Morgan! In a nutshell, I am wife to Scott, mama to my daughter & twin boys, a mental health professional, a business owner, a committed friend and STILL ME! A me who is forever growing & changing and embracing the journey.

I’m navigating life and sharing what I know because, in my book, encouragement & support from others is one of the best things in life. I want to give it to you!

Mental Health
Finding joy
Making it through hard stuff
Changing race relations for my kids
ADHD mom life
...those are my passions.

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Me, a little deeper

In my experience, one part of our story leads to another. Only looking back do we see how it’s all connected.

Side note - the backside of a tapestry is messy, but the front is masterpiece. Don’t forget that when you’re busy piecing it together.


Two of the biggest things that make me who I am and continue to impact me today.....where and who I’m from. Shocker, right?

I’m a suburban gal now, but was born and raised in a TINY town in the middle of nowhere Kansas where my entire family on all sides has been for over 100 years, except my grandpa (more on him in just a bit). I have come to see that tiny towns have a culture all their own, some of it really wonderful and some of it not so much.

So that one grandpa...he started his journey to America as a child on a donkey in Mexico. He married a redheaded country girl and the two of them set the stage for so much of who I am. They, along with my parents, gave me a life where love and appreciation across cultures is standard. It also meant that living in more than one metaphorical world was my life from day one. It’s been one of the greatest blessings and one of the greatest sources of pain of my life. 

At the very end of college I met the best human being I’d ever known. We were exactly what the other needed and deserved. It’s been 17 years, grad school, a 12 year marriage, 2 pregnancies producing 3 babies in 22 months, a painstaking recession, job losses, career changes, countless good times, quite a few hard times and we are still here navigating this life together and loving what we have more now than ever. Oh ya....we are also standing in the middle of America 2020 as a biracial family.

Professionally? That’s a bit of a story too. I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I was 17 and did it. My heart led me straight to a B.A. in Sociology and a Masters in Social Work and then onto a clinical career in mental health that I LOVED. The core of my career was providing evaluations for people experiencing mental health crises like suicide. Hard? Yes, but I knew I was doing what I was born to do (in THAT season of life). I also got to check off having a private outpatient practice and being a college instructor teaching Social Inequality off my bucket list.

What I didn’t love about my professional life was the stress, the exhaustion and lack of joy that came with balancing career that didn’t know normal working hours and family life of 3 under 3. Did I mention I’m a twin mom? Actually, a twins+1 one mom, as we call it. I had twin boys when my daughter was 22 months old and life has been a crazy kind of wonderfully hard every since.

Naturally, with a full-time career and 3 littles on my plate, I started a skincare side-gig when it was the LAST thing I thought I could do or wanted to do. Turns out I could and it was the best thing I’d ever do. I grew a successful business that let me walk away from my career without walking away from my income and that later generated over 1 million in revenue year after year. What it did was show me how making a change is smart and worth it because that unexpected move gave me my joy, sanity and time to be ME back. It’s the one thing that let me feel like I had it all without losing myself to do it. I’ve also shown 100s how to use a business to make a change too.

Behind every part of faith is there. Not just as a guide and source of peace for me, but as a guide to serving and seeing all people the way Christ does - worthy and deserving of my love.

Today, my 3 ring circus is straddling age 10 and leaving me EVER more sure that life is all about feeling like you finally mastered something just to move on to new phases of life to figure out.

Everything thus far has led me to exactly where I am and who I am - hopefully with a lot to offer others because through all of it - supporting others is my jam.

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Newest Passion Project

Away from politics, Away from social media, We are JOINING IN to LEARN & UNDERSTAND in small groups so we can SHARE THE LOAD of racial reconciliation

I know so many are doing the work of listening, thinking deeper and learning more. I also know many of you have questions you want to ask, but not always SOMEONE you can ask - without fear of judgment, shame or embarrassment.

That’s why I founded JOINING IN.

I want everyone to have a small, safe, confidential place to do exactly that....and by doing so, be able to join in and share the load improving racial unity in America.

You have the opportunity to join one of my small groups of 2-3 people and me to ask, discuss and learn
AWAY from politics,
AWAY from social media,
AWAY from people talking AT you.

I am also available for 1:1 sessions.

Click the link to save
your spot and learn more.