& Thank you for the oppprtunity to share my space with you. Here is a little about me and my body of work.

Longhand writer of essays and contemplations centering the human experience. I’m currently devoting much of my creative energy to my in-progress pieces examining grief and the conflation of kindness with comfort.

Creator and host of the Cultivate Curiosity podcast, exploring the curiosities bringing unexpected seeds of similarity to new communities around the world. Currently resting during hiatus to explore the next chapter of growth in this work.

Licensed officiant, guiding and fostering comfort and ease throughout ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals, and anniversaries. Some of my most treasured moments in life thus far have happened at these altars. Licensed throughout the United States and available for travel. Additional services I offer in this space include officiant coaching, ceremony design, story and vow creation, access to a resource library, packages and more.

SaaS career in progress! I’m grateful for my time in the changing landscape of tech as we learn more each day about its consequences in our world - both good and bad. Driving me is a personal ethos to ensure the future of technology is just, equitable, and ethical, and a belief that we must build a new social contract fit for the 21st century. My experiences in this space inform much of my other work.

2021 Recomendations | Podcasts

Consumption turned recommendations for the future.

My favorites of favorites. Driving powerful thought, these experts in their fields have also brought expert balance in other critical ways. They are leaders of accessibility in the podcasting space. Each creator centers marginalized communities in a way that is unique to their message, location, and relative power in our current systems. Engaged listening required.

Intent vs Impact

No matter your intent, the impact of your language is always more important.