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Hey there,
Thank you for showing an interest in my page! My name is Morgyn Paige and I am twenty-two years old. I was born a Georgia peach, but Houston, Texas raised me. When it comes to my friends and family , they are the thing I value most with my passions and career coming in at close second. I am a unique mixture of all sorts. As an artist, model, and now film major I use my creativity to the best of my ability, always trying to elevate myself and exceed the many expectations I set for myself. I design , I write, and may dabble in photography ( iPhone photography though) every now and then. I hope that by looking through my site you get a sense of enjoyment and understanding as to what it is that I like, like to do, and what makes me who I am. Check it out!

July issue of Picton Magazine

My top 5 albums this summer

Hot girl , Positive girl, Glowing girl SUMMER🔥🔥🔥

If you’re like any normal person, listening to music instantly makes things better. Here are the top 5 albums I’ve been listening to this summer. Check it out and click the links to take you directly there. Enjoy! 🎧



Okay, so let’s start off with THE Queen B , because what would summer be without her? Starting off the list is the album Beyoncé did for the Lion King movie she starred in this July called The Lion King: The Gift. This album is such a great listen because it features so many talented artist that all come together to create this beautiful tribute to Africa. 🦁🔥


Toni Braxton

Coming in at number 2 , is the legendary classic album by Toni Braxton. The Heat album is absolutely one of my favorite albums giving everything from the soft Serenade of Spanish Guitar to the hot hit The Heat. This album is definitely a great listen from beginning to end , and then over again. “Anybody want some ice cream?” 🔥


Tori Kelly

It’s not often that I find a gospel album that I can listen to every week, but Tori Kelly has done it again! The singer usually is gracing us with soft pop hits as well as the great acoustic songs that are featured on almost every album. What I like about this album specially though, is that it feels like so much more than just gospel. It’s positive, moving, fun, and uplifting from beginning to end. I’ve been following Tori’s music since she started on YouTube and even auditioned on American Idol. Her soft but yet strong vocals are enough to bring anyone to peace with this album! Check it out!



If there’s anyone who can tell you about living your life ,LOVING YOURSELF, & making some badass songs to prove you’re 100 % that bitch... it’s Lizzo. Straight out of Houston, this body positive , bad ass is setting the record straight that you don’t need a man or give a damn about anyone else’s opinion to live your life and love every second of it. Her most recent album with songs featuring artists like Gucci Mane and Missy Elliot are full of upbeat , fun , and relatable songs to jam out to! Check it out sis!


Megan Thee Stallion

Last but not least , the hottie of all hotties whose been letting us drive the boat all summer. Megan Thee Stallion. In her own words , she’s teaching us to own our sexuality, enjoy life, and be about your money! Take a listen to one of THEE hottest rap albums this year! P.s. still trying to learn how to do that twerking trick she does! Sis is undefeated,

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