Mother Bloom Holistic

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”

Weaving sacred women’s wisdom, rituals and practices back into our modern postpartum.

Postpartum Doula - full inhome service

Holding space and honouring a woman as she crosses the threshold into motherhood, is one of the most divine human experiences I’m blessed to be apart of. Supported beyond birth through the 4th trimester, it is my intention to bring traditional postnatal care back for modern Mamas. “Becoming a Mama is a massive transition and rite of passage so it’s important to me that you have the right kind of support”. I want every Newborn Mama’s postpartum experience to be transformative and supportive in a way that truly nourishes and nurtures her. I believes if you nurture the Mother in the first forty days, you nurture the home for the next forty years. As your Postpartum Doula I will nurture you, Mama, so you can nurture your baby, “I see a lack of support and understanding around what it is that the mother requires and how potent this transition is.

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golden month treatment only package

Your five treatments (in 5 weeks) will consist of body work, rituals and ceremonies, honouring your transition and nourishing you, the mother. Body work is really important during your postpartum period because your body has expanded during your pregnancy, Opened during your birth and now it’s time to allow the gentleness of coming back together. I’m very passionate in weaving sacred wisdom and practices back into our modern postpartum. Honouring your transition from maiden to mother through ritual and ceremony. Witnessed and held from one mother to another mother. As you step over the threshold of growth, transformation and communion with the divine.

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Closing the bones ceremony

It is my intention to bring back sacred ritual into our modern day postpartum and provide a sacred space for healing and nurturing to take place on many levels.

This ceremony benefits the postpartum mother and also after pregnancy loss and can be in the company of your birth team, friends, mama blessing circle etc. A womb healing ceremony is a lovely gift for a mama's blessing, to a mama who has recently experienced loss, or as a gift for a newborn mother. Gift cards are available. Please DM with any questions.

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Postpartum Planning

I’m sure you have a Birth Plan on your list of things to do. Postpartum Planning is just as important. I would go as far as saying it’s absolutely vital and necessary. In my planning sessions we will cover everything from what is the 4th trimester (your Golden Month), how this affects the Newborn Mama and what to expect, how you can create a village to support you to love your baby and recover your body, how to nourish your body with food, teas and herbs for recovery and the traditional practices to support this.

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Postpartum Nutrition

My intention is to share nutrition that has healing qualities to the new mothers. So we can replenish before depletion happens. I want to nurture your body, mind, spirit and soul through the power of health and nutrition. As you enter the period after birth and the transformation that is matrescence I want you to “thrive not just survive”.

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