In my goody bag...

1:1 in-home support
Meals for postpartum regeneration and healing
Pregnancy and postpartum massage
Infant feeding support
Online support

Coming soon-
Womens’ circles and retreats
Mother’s group
Infant sleep and behaviour consults

So, do you need..

Help at home?
Meals cooked, or help with meal prep and making one-handed snacks?Encouragement with feeding?
A debrief after a traumatic birth?
Relaxing bath with essential oils followed by a massage?
Connection with like-minded women?
Knowledge of biological normal infant sleep and behavior?
Guidance with family routine after adding a new member?
Help with visitors, light housework, siblings and pets?
Ideas on how to take care of yourself?
A nap???

Yes? Contact me to book a complimentary Meet & Greet!

No? Let me know what would bring you peace and joy, I will try my very best to support you in this way!

My services are individual to the needs of the client. As a guide, my doula packages start at $180 and go up to $3000. I have other smaller offerings in the form of online consults, and group work. Please contact me to discuss.

I believe every family should have access to support regardless of cost so if you are experiencing hardship, let me know so we can work something out together.


The birth of Mother Co

When I became a Mother, I had been working as a nurse for 5 years caring for other people so I thought I would be able care for myself. All of my time was actually spent taking care of my baby and household! I had no time left to look after myself. While we are busy focusing on the birth plan, we forget to plan for our postpartum. I was determined to help change this because I want other Mothers to feel prepared, supported and empowered.

I had already cared for Mothers in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as a friend, sister, and nurse. So I trained with Julia Jones in the Newborn Mothers Collective Doula training in 2020. I had the practical skills but NMC gave more so much more than that. A truly holistic outlook. I highly recommend it if you are considering becoming a doula yourself.

I am now offering 1:1 maternal support in the community, with in-home visits and online consults to Mothers and Mothers-to-be. Very soon I plan to introduce infant sleep and behaviour consults, and group work with Womens’ circles, retreats, and parent education workshops, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in hearing more hop on over to my offerings page or contact me for a complimentary chat!

About Me

My background...

Firstly, I am a Mother. That isn’t a prerequisite of course but it certainly helps me help you, as I have lived experience with birthing, breastfeeding, and parenting.

Newborn Mothers Collective (Julia Jones) trained Postpartum Doula.

Enrolled/Registered Nurse with 5 years experience caring for people with a variety of medical conditions and post surgery.

Studying Massage Therapy with Pregnancy Massage Australia.

I am an accredited Mama Rising Facilitator, having completed Amy Taylor Kabbaz’s Mama Rising Program. The program aims to revolutionize the way mothers are seen, valued and supported, and to liberate women from patriarchal views of motherhood and womenhood. As a facilitator I have a greater understanding of the transition through motherhood (matrescence) and consider myself a motherhood mentor.

Currently training in Dr Sophie Brock’s Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification, that brings focus to the social and cultural dimensions of motherhood through maternal scholarship, theory and research.

Basically, if you can’t already tell, I am super obsessed with learning about Motherhood and Matrescence! Therefore, I am constantly working out new ways to support Mothers.

My special talent is incorporating my experience in medical and non-medical care to provide holistic 1:1 in-home or online support, that encourages healing. Not just physically but psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually as well.

If you would like to know more about what I can do to support you please hop on over to my offerings page, or contact me for a complimentary chat!

A Doula

Your Motherhood Sidekick

Motherhood is a transformation from woman (maiden) to mother. A journey that we may or may not have felt we had a choice coming into. It was intended to be done in community but times have changed. We now mother mostly alone in our homes. Away from our village.

It can truly bring out the best and worst in us. From our babies conception we begin to see life through a completely different lens. We start noticing more of the beauty in our lives, and beasts from our past and present tend to rear their ugly heads. Did you know 1 in 7 women suffer from postnatal depression? Postnatal anxiety is just as common.

The stress of caring for a new baby, the crying (baby and mother!) and the sleep deprivation gets a bit much at times.
To get through this, it’s so important to have a support network. People who will support, nourish, and guide you through your Matrescence.

Matrescence is much like adolescence. To quote one of my wonderful mentors Amy Taylor Kabbaz, “It is a complete transformation of a woman as she moves through motherhood- psychological, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual”. Adolescence only lasts a few years but matrescence can last a lifetime.

That is where I come in. A Doula. A doula is essentially a woman’s servant. Although I prefer the modern term ‘sidekick’ because that is how we get through life, with people by our side. I want to care for you while you care for your baby. Although I do help with baby care, if you need.

As said by the brilliant doula Julia Jones from Newborn Mothers, “When a baby is born, so is a Mother, and the birth of a Mother can be more intense than childbirth”. She is right, it’s bloody intense! You likely will not understand just how intense until it has happened so you might not even be considering how to prepare yourself for it.

Let me help you carve out your own hopes and dreams for your pregnancy and postpartum experience. I do not offer archaic advice about what to do with your birth or your baby. I see you, I hear you, and I help you find what works for you and your family. That comes from within you. Not me, not Aunt Agnes or your Mother-in-law. You.

Sounds inspiring doesn’t it? If you are pregnant or a newly-born Mother, hop on over to my offerings page or contact me so we can chat all about your journey through Matrescence.