About Moxie&Haven

Recharge Your Space, Recharge Your Spirit

Are you breaking up with your current environment and at a point in your life as you invest in yourself and personal growth? Are you looking for a space that fully embodies who you’re becoming? It can be like looking for self-expression that has meaning and purpose. Alter the way you live in your environment, and create the balance and abundance you’ve been envisioning!

Moxie and Haven serves women who want to create intentional change in their surroundings. They need an environment that supports transformation, and flows seamlessly with their desired lifestyle; bold, beautiful and confident spaces that tell people who they are.

Our clients are busy professionals and don't know where to start or have the time to manage a project! That’s what we’re here for!
We know you’re ready for change and need to feel rooted in the new chapter of your life. One that supports you, restores you, for relationship building, and creating new meaningful memories! Most importantly, you’re ready to love where you live; it will be vessel; after all home is what holds your story and that’s beautiful.

Kristy is an interpreter; a gift that has no words, but a vision that she pulls from someone's desires, needs, and how comfort is needed for someone that is ready for change. Changing what no longer serves someone is personal; as is your home. She gets it. We all have a story and your story becomes the concept.

Renee ensure’s each space is curated with reflection and intention to selfcare, how energy around you is supporting you, and establishing roots that will nourish you inside and out. We make your home a haven; your own custom retreat to indulge in a lifestyle that supports a new journey.