Moyin Ajayi

Global Techie. Ambivert. Adventurous 🙂🤓

Hi there, I’m Moyin.

I’m a data scientist from a software qa engineering background.

I love tech👩🏽‍💻. I’ve collaborated globally with many tech teams across a range of industries; the agile and the not-so-Agile 😀. The learning never stops! Currently navigating Data science, Data engineering, MLops and the cloud☁️.

I’m an adventurous Super foodie🧇🍪🥞 🍷. You’ll either find me touring new places and discovering new experiences or creating my own safe gf (gluten-free) meals at home.

On the side, I’m learning French and lots of deep learning techniques. Still, I’m a social butterfly🦋 and I love to see the world.

I love to share knowledge and have honest conversations. 🙂

The geeky part..

Tech Stack

SQL, python. MongoDb, ❤️Postman, Azure, PBI

👩🏽‍💻: Python, Java, C#. SQL, Azure ML, PowerBI, Tableau, Databricks, Analytics, Jupyter Notebook, Postman, GIT, Kubernetes, MongoDB, JavaScript

📚: MSc (Information systems). BSc (Computer Engineering).

🏅: Azure Data Engineer; Certified Software Test Engineer; AI-900, DP-900, DP-203

🤔: Data Science, Data Engineering,
Software engineering.

Kaggle😎 : moyinajayi
GitHub?😅: moyinajayi



A bit more about my foodie life

I love to create recipes and document them. It can be quite hectic cos of my wheat allergy (🥲), so I create my own gluten free version of everything I’m craving.

I love wine 🍷🤣. You can blame it on the fact that I lived around the many wine farms of 🇿🇦, but I really do enjoy having the perfect pairing of food and wine🥰.

I love to try new restaurants and cuisines 😊. You can Check out my restaurant tours on IG @capetown.foodie