Providing mind tools for philosophy, arts and poetry..

My Name is Moritz and I am known for cool festivals, music, and fine arts- digital as well as physical. I hope i will get you involved into my style and design guidance, I am allways happy about feedback..

Life is what happens if you wake up from dreaming the universe —

Form follows function. methods and materials matter...

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Transcending the past to the future

Less is more - the most skilled artists use the simplest tools…

I am from Augsburg, Germany and I am famous for my social relations, innovative Mindset, for my calm yet powerful heart, for mine exact and empathic thought.
I am in the place to tell you about the higher sphere, the heaven and the Biochemistry as well as you should know about Tetragramaton the Almighty.

Tetragramaton is the name of a God which I decoded from the writings of Abramelin the Mage and Eliphas Levi, two famous magicians who acted in occult measures some hundred Years ago.

I am not able to perform rituals as they did, especially regarding the fact that I do not want to harm animals or people just for the sake of a ritual or a ceremony.
Although I got to admit, that most of the rituals and magic is rather transmitted to the next generation by the every day rhythm and the habits and coincidences of this beautiful Jewish religion, which is the basement of Christianity, as well as for Islam. I pray for peace all around this globe may the true spirits unite and gather around the sun of spirituality.

Mine path is ethernal peace, with live sustainably ligating my feelings to joy.
Never mind the pain, remember the good things in life and breathe the air of love and serenity.
Your thought and your breathing are connected, in causal relation to each other, the slower and more conscious you breathe, the more will your thought transmit in an exact, consistent and analytic flow.
The faster you breathe the further your thoughts will take you, till you reach the top may your life be infinite and never stop.
The guardians of the morning awake, for peace for love and integrity, discrete, aware; till infinity…

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NFT minting and visual design

Here you will find a decent selection of NFTs minted into Ethereum and ERC 1155 Blockchain by myself, M.P.H.

I am famous for my deep understanding of essential design guidelines and philosophy. I am famous for the patterns I do and
I am a digital and crypto native grown up with technology and a lot of digital stuff. In my opinion the digital revolution is a even more essential part of mankind’s civilization in future and presence, as the industrial revolution has ever been.

Philosophers Mind

I am made of consciousness

I am famous for ambitioned philosophical studies, visual art and poetry. That’s why I call myself Poetrix ! Ethereal free from bond and approaching new ways to life as it is an as it will be !

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