I am honored to be a market partner for MONAT! I am so passionate about all things fashion that I love just sharing these products with everyone I can!
I am a huge fan of that after-salon feel of my hair and I am so thankful for MONAT because it allows me to have that same feel and confidence every single day.
My goal and job is to help you guys achieve the hair and skin goals you want! MONAT has something for everyone : men, women, kids, and even pets! MONAT is a paraben, SLS/SLES, cyclic silicone, BHT, DEA/MEA, polyethylene glycol, phthalates, phenoxyethonal, petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, triclosan, plastic micro bead, formaldehyde releaser free product! This even allows our personal ingredient - rejuvinique oil - to be used on both hair AND SKIN!
We even have two skin care product lines available! We have our Be Gentle and our Be Balanced skincare products.
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What I Can Do For You

Now, I am a MONAT influencer, but I am so much more.
If you are looking to get a makeover but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you have found your girl.
Services I provide :
- shampoo & condition (Sample MONAT)
- coloring
- styling
- sample MONAT
- makeup
- prep before event
- regular paint
- acrylic nails
- acrylic nails & paint
I am a college student myself, so I am defiantly willing to negotiate a reasonable price with you. I will even go to you if you are in my range for a small fee.
Keep swiping to see my “why” and links to start your journey!

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Why I do what I do...

I am more than just a MONAT influencer. I am a panda fanatic. I am a chocoholic. I am a college student. I am a wife. I am a fashionista. I’m just a regular gal trying to make it through this crazy thing called life. But I wouldn’t be able to say that without my “why.”
My “why” is my husband and what I want for our life together.
My husband and I are high school sweethearts, though high school wasn’t all that long ago. He went into the Air Force the day before I moved into college my freshman year. It was while he was still at BMT (basic military training) that we began talking about marriage. Next thing you know, we are engaged and making plans on being together in GA in February of what would have been my second semester freshman year. I changed schools and am attending SNHU online for a psychology degree with a focus on mental health.
I was only 18 when I got married to my best friend. That means there is a lot of expenses to be taken care of.
Now, I had already been involved with MONAT for some time. My family uses it. My husband’s family uses it. And, of course, I use it on a daily basis. But now that everything I had ever dreamed of was coming true, I thought it was the time to really pursue this fashion passion of mine.
My husband has always been the most supportive of my dreams. He always provides me with what I need and a lot of the times, what I want. So, this is my way of letting me help him out with expenses while doing something and talking about something I love.
The start of our journey is my “why” and will continue to be my motivation day in and day out.