My Life

My name is Tim Calhoun, and I am a staff sergeant in the United States Army. I grew up just outside of Chicago in the southwest suburbs. After high school, I spent about 3 years doing college part time and working full time at Target on a grave yard shift unloading trucks. I was wracking up student loan debt faster then I could count, and felt like I was going no where in life, living with my parents in my 20’s, and I was about to get married.

In 2011, I found myself sitting in the chair of an Army recruiter seeking answers. I decided that I was going to pursue a childhood dream of mine and join the greatest infantry force known to man.

I completed basic training in May of 2012 and reported to Ft. Lewis, Washington , just outside of Seattle later that month. One deployment to Afghanistan and three year later, I packed up my house, and moved to Ft Campbell, Kentucky, which is about 40 minutes out of Nashville. At Campbell, I spent another three years and deployed one more time to Turkey.

Now, I am stationed here in Woodbury Minnesota as a recruiter. What the Army has meant to me is financial stability for me and my family, motivation to continue bettering myself, the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at no cost to me, and some of the closest friendships I’ve ever made. It has definitely been a crazy nine years, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t know what the Army has in store for me after my time here, but I welcome the challenge and the change, and I look forward to the next chapter in my life.