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I have been working as a recruiting Specialist for the last 8 months since I came to Dubai and I loved it. I have 8 years of experience in Administrative office.

I also volunteered to work on some creative projects outside of my role because I realized how much I loved the creative side of marketing and wanted to get some experience.
I helped coordinate a few big client marketing events and worked on copy for a few email newsletter campaigns.

Unfortunately, due to a reorganization of the team, my position was eliminated and that’s when I was recruited for my current position.

Although I like my job, at this stage of my career, I realized I need to find a company where I see a long-term career path that would be a great fit with my skills and goals

There are things about me I still dont know yet.
I'm caring and open minded person.I have a wild mindset and crazy imaginations.

I'm Aniekan, 32 yrs old,from The south south part of Nigeria. I grew up in Surulere Lagos,Nigeria. Did my Primary and college education in lagos and my Degree in Benin Republic.

I have lived different kinds of lives. I have been good,bad,kind,mean,hopeful,hopeless, helpful,helpless.

I have loved,hate,hurt betray and offend the people I care about.

Achievement 👍
Degree in computer science at the age of 24.
First company at the age of 29.
Other Professional certifications.

Professional Characteristics.👨‍💻
Passionate, problem solver, Attentive to details
goal getter, Relentless, Competent, Ethical Behavior, organize, Emotional Control
Focus and reliable, poised, Strong communicator, possessive soft skills

Places I have been (Local)😜
Abuja, Lagos, Ogun state. Ibadan, Abeokuta , Akwa Ibom ,Enugu.

Places I have been (International )🤗
Port novo
Benin republic

My weakness. 🙄
Hardly forget
I dont trust twice
I love too much
I give more than I should

My passion.😎
Music and Work.

I believe in right and wrong.
I believe in karma
I believe there there is life and death.
I believe there is a better place for everyone.
everyone deserves to be happy.

Who I wanted to be.😥
A Songwriter


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it's okay to be sad,it okay to know your not the only one in this.your are never alone.dont give up.

We fall and rise

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