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Who’s Kady ?

If you clicked on the link , it means you wanted to know more about me and my lifestyle !

Let me present myself. I am Sad Kady. Grew up in this beautiful country of Canada 🇨🇦 ! This wonderful chance to grow here led me to face many opportunities and incredible people .

3 years ago, I started to ask myself many questions , like every 18 years old teenager. But there was one that was bothering me ... alot. It was : How to succeed in life ?

This question was the deepest question I had ... Since this day I promised myself that I will find the answer ! I asked my surroundings ( Family , friends , teachers ) What is success ? There was one words that i heard often in all their answers : Money.

I started to search online : how to make money ? A few weeks later , I got a job and started to get paid ! 👏🏼

Am i Successful ? I didnt felt like.
Then what am I missing ...?

I needed more definition of the famous word : Success. So... I decided to take my luggage and travel to the United state. Oh why ? Good question because everyone seems rich ! American dream, here I come ...

I met many entrepreneurs making 500k to 1M $ and more per year ! And trust me i was shocked... I asked them the same question : How to be successful?
They told me the same thing ! Make the money work for you.

How could it work for you, if i work to get money?

They then mentioned Online Automatisation !

Until today, Online Automatisation has been my best friend and helped me to get where I am today ! I am 20 Years old , and my quest to find the real definition of success it is on its ways !

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