Hey there!

Full-time Mom. Successful Online Beauty Business. Full-time Corporate Sales

Welcome to my page!

If you have come here it's because you want to see what I've been up to. You've seen me posting constantly about how much I love my hair, how grateful I am for this 'opportunity' and how much I love my friends/my tribe.

Two years ago, an acquaintance approached me with an opportunity to join her team in the beauty industry. At the time, I didn't think I NEEDED a second income. I was working a corporate job making pretty darn good money for a mid 20 year old and never needed to worry about money. I was financially stable.
I told her 'No thank you.'

I continued to see her growth, traveling to exotic places, keeping up with her health and fitness in the gym, and ranting and raving about how happy she was. That's when it hit me. I was not fulfilled. My job was not FULFILLING me. I was not getting those feel good butterflies when I made a sale or hit a goal or even won a trip incentive.

That's when I reached out to her to get more information about what she was doing and why she loved it so much. Fast forward two years, this acquaintance has become my business partner, close friend and mentor. I found my TRIBE through the team I have built and the community of women AND men that are not even on my team.

We cheer each other on daily, hang out as friends, and grow together!

I still work for my corporate job and I can tell you, the training and tools I've gotten from this business have helped me in MY business and my corporate job. You are given all the tools you need to be successful. My life has been FULFILLED because I said 'yes'.

The best part about this business is that it really is for anyone.

I didn't need the money..... but now I can spend extra money on nice dinners, travel more and splurge on myself. Now I can sign up for those monthly subscription makeup boxes and shoes and not take a penny out of my bank account.
I thought I wouldn't have the time....... if you are someone that has time management skills and spends any kind of time on social media.... trust me, you have time!

I didn't want to be THAT girl. I thought about those girls that have hit me up on social media trying to sell me something. Let me tell you, once I started getting people reaching out to me and sending me thank you cards for changing their lives, I wanted everyone to know about what I was up to. I was helping people!

Whatever it is that you desire more of, I bet you this business will do it for you. Don't close this door before you've peeked in to see what it's all about. There is a reason we've grown so fast in just 5 years and we are just getting started!