About me

My name is Melanie

Hey friend! I’m 22 years old and I live with my husband Jaime and my adorable bunny! Ive always loved hair care and skincare products! I’ve been a fan of looking for natural products for my hair and skin that will ACTUALLY WORK! Unfortunately over the years I’ve dealt with a very dry, itchy flaky scalp! My curls have been so dry, tangly not bouncy and just dull! I’ve tried all the products out there! As well as for my skin! I’ve tried drugstore products or high end skincare or even personalized subscription boxes and non of it would clear my acne and bumps!

I came across my friend using these vegan non toxic products and on the same day I talked to her about it I bought the hair care! I was very skeptical but the 30 day money back guarantee had me at ease that if I didn’t like it I could return everything and get back 100% of my money. As a curly girl I know when I like a product within the first time I use it and once my hair is dry is when I can put it to the test! I took before and after pictures of my first wash with these products and I was honestly so happy!!! My scalp felt so clean, my hair was so soft like it was SILKY! My hair even had more SHINE! I was convinced that everyone needs to be using this vegan hair care too and I started to sell it!

I opened up an Instagram page and started to share my journey with my hair. My friends and Instagram followers were amazed at how much my hair changed with these products! I started to get customer after customer! Once I started using the skincare my skin transformed and I got more customers that wanted skincare! My Instagram followers also started to see how I was making money from sharing my natural products on my Instagram, so they have become my business partners and we work together as a team!

I never thought sharing vegan hair and skin products on my social media would make me a monthly income for my little family! I’m here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE! It’s social selling! We do it all the time! We tell our friends where we get our jewelry from, our jeans, favorite lipstick or our favorite Starbucks drink! We recommend things to our friends all the time! This is no different! I recommend my favorite hair and skincare products to my friends, family and Instagram friends!

If you would like to share you hair and skin journey on Instagram and make money while doing it message me and we can get you started on your business!