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If you are here you probably somewhat know what I do.... but you may not know my story. My name is Lupe and I am a wife (going on 10 years!) and a mother to the 2 most beautiful and kind children I could ever ask for.
3 years ago my friend Brooke found me on social media. She was always posting about these natural supplements that help you lose weight and I was interested. I was a busy mom working full time and just wanting to spend all my spare time with my daughter and husband. We were lucky to have weekends off and we made sure that we made the most of them. I didn't have time to go to a gym and it was so expensive anyhow. So, I tried her products and absolutely loved how they made me feel and the results I was getting. After a few months the mom guilt of spending money on myself kicked in and I had to stop buying the products that I loved so much. That was when Brooke offered me the opportunity to make some extra money so I didnt feel guilty spending money on myself. She said she did everything right from her phone and she would take me in and show me how to be successful with her. It took me a couple days but after going over the pros and cons I decided I would take a chance at it. I had nothing to lose and worst case scenario meant I would quit and keep the amazing discount. I (secretly) put it on a credit card and jumped in. I was scared, self conscious, and nervous about what people would think of me. I started off slow and just kept using the products and once I saw the results I needed in order to feel more confident I started sharing about them more and more. I was no longer afraid of taking a selfie and posting it on social media for everyone to see. I knew that if these products helped me, they could help someone else and I just kept sharing it. I found ladies from many walks of life who needed this opportunity to help themselves and their families and I helped them make some extra money. I watched their confidence soar and I watched them beleive in themselves. They were doing the things they felt were impossible for "someone like me". In this business people come and go..... but they also come and grow. If I can help someone feel that glimpse of hope, I am willing to take on the challenge and hopefully change another life. Today I sit here with my daughter next to me on the couch and my son asleep in his cradle and I cant help but be excited for the amazing things happening on our team. We will soon be able to pay off so much debt and start saving for our children's college funds. I will be tripling my current full time income by the end of this year and I am so happy for those who are coming with me. I can't wait for the day I get to tell my husband he can retire and just do something that he truly loves for a living! My mindset has changed so much since starting this busines and I have a whole different outlook on life and the future. There is so much out there just waiting for us to claim and accomplish. This business is something you start for yourself but you are never by yourself. We are one big family of strong women (and men) who just keep fighting for the good things in life. We help so many people in so many different ways and I hope that I can help you get started on the journey of a lifetime.... So now, what's it going to take?

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