About Ashley

Stay real, speak truth and know we are all in this together

Hey everyone Ashley here! I am a wife and mother of 3 boys and a sweet girl! An author and speaker.
Just doing my best to answer the call. Trying to reach the world, and help others reach the heavens. It all started with a heart change, because a man died on a cross for me. It cost him his life to save mine. Now I have a new life, new hope and a new purpose, living for His Glory! He gave me a mission, to help rise up a real, powerful generation through genuine unity and transparent vulnerability. #RiseUpReal I want to use my testimony of overcoming to help others breakdown the walls their past has built in their life.

God is breaking generational curses and he’s doing it through the power of our testimony

We are all Imperfect following the perfect one.


Imperfect people following the perfect one

We live in a generation where everything looks perfect. We have filters for almost everything now and such an easy way to display it. But we all know life is far from perfect and the only one who displayed perfection was Jesus himself. He lived free from sin which cost him his life to give us grace for our imperfections.
You will hear a number of people including myself being vulnerable in their struggles but walking in victory! Here is to rising up real!