Breakthrough Szn Beginnings...

Life wasn’t always as amazing as it is for me now...

I spent years stuck. Watching my friends and other random people on social media live the good life. Traveling the world, getting married, buying homes and new cars.

Then there was me... stuck.

Feeling as though I was doing everything I needed to, to progress in life. But nothing seemed to be working in my favor. Until...

I entered my Breakthrough Szn..

My Breakthrough Szn began after a heartbreak. My soul was shattered into a trillion pieces, and I fell into depression. But because of this, I was forced to find myself.

Forced to understand who I am and how I came to be the person I am. I studied and researched ways to figure me out. How to love myself better and become fully self aware.

Realized that there’s been 2 core skillsets that have always came natural to me...

• The 1st is creating community. Bringing people together who are all interested in certain things.

As a kid my high school experimented with having a hour lunch for the whole school. Allows kids to spend their lunch in different clubs and activities. So I formed the Game Crew, and asked one of my teachers to allow me to use their classroom.

I’d bring my PlayStation in and about 20-30 of us would all be there playing games. (Of course my mom didn’t know. 😂😩😂)

I remember being in the back of the classroom seeing the excitement in peoples faces, and thinking to myself “wow... I made this happen.)

Since then I’ve done the same with real estate, forex trading, metaphysics, and entrepreneurial groups.

• The 2nd core skillset is helping people accomplish goals & recognize their potential.

For me... it’s kinda scary at times being able to see what people can become. It’s this energy that I can feel from people.

Over the years I’ve been able to use this skill that I have to help others succeed in business by making 6 figures + in business, to helping musicians get recognized and signed by major labels.

Not only that but by helping people get out their own way to lose the weight they’ve always wanted to lose, or get the promotion at the job they’ve been wanting for the past 3 years.

I’m able to see potential and pull it out of them so they can operate in their full potential.