I'm just a curly girl who now loves her hair from switching her hair products! Loving my best life with my husband, dog and cat!

My name is Morgan! I was born in New York but currently live in Florida which I love! I'm married to an amazing and hard working man. I am a dog and cat mom. My dog's name is Nala and my cat's name is Knox. I am a behavioral therapist working with children with autism. And currently studying for my masters in Mental Health Counseling!

Last year I decided that I wanted to do more! I love my job but I also love beauty, hair and nails! Growing up mixed and having super curly hair I never thought I would love my hair. I tried to force myself to but never did. Changing my hair products has changed my life forever! I love my hair curly! Straightening my hair is no longer a necessity for events and trips. Curly hair is the way to go! Needless to day I wanted to share these products with others.

Yes, it was scary but nothing is worth living for or having is easy! I always looked at girls on YouTube and Instagram and thought I could never do that! Well here I am doing it! Making money to wash my hair, impacting lives and gained an amazing community of women! This is something everyone can do you just have to believe in yourself that you can do it too!