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Hi! 👋 My name is Shania (SHUH-ny-uh) I am a military wife which means we move a lot but I am most definitely a home body. My house is my safe haven so being able to work from home has truly been a gift from God.

My goal is to give men and women the confidence they deserve. What's the secret?

Step 1: Switch Your Shampoo
Step 2: Personal Development

Your potential is endless.

You are entitled to:
• Great hair
• Financial freedom
• An occupation you love
• Vacations
• Meaningful relationships

Let me help you fall in love with becoming the very best version of yourself!

My top picks

These are my top 10 go-to Monat Products!

Rejuveniqe Oil

It is the only oil on the market that can penetrate all three layers of your hair strand, healing it from the inside out. With over 101 uses it is the HOLY grail of Monat products.

Revive Shampoo

This shampoo is a great for anyone with thin, oily hair; it will remove product and environmental buildup from your hair and plump up your hair strands creating volume. And did I mention it smells amazing!?

Revitalize Conditioner

This conditioner is infused with our Rejuveniqe Oil and pairs great with the Revive or Renew Shampoo!


Rejuvabeads can mend split ends up to 3mm in length in 60 seconds or less!

Blowout Cream

The Blowout Cream is perfect to use right out of the shower to give your hair that silky smooth finish. BONUS it doubles as a heat protectant up to 350 degrees!

Champ Dry Shampoo

The Champ Dry Shampoo conditions your hair while absorbing that excess oil. It doesn't have any propane, butane, or talc. like most other drugstore dry shampoos.

Refinish Control Hairspray

Refinish Control Hairspray gives your hair all day hold without that sticky, crunchy feeling; because there are no harsh chemicals this also is a great dupe for a setting spray!

Replenish Masque

The Replenish masque helps you say sayonara to frizz! This masque is perfect for anyone with damaged, moisture starved hair!

Black 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Black 2 in 1 is the MEN'S line, but it can be used for anyone that is thinning or balding; because it is so clarifying it is great for blondes as well! If your hair goes past your ears, follow up with one of our conditioners. The tingly feeling from the peppermint essential oil is also a plus!

Brilliant Brunette Shampoo

Thanks to the Brilliant Brunette Shampoo I haven't colored my hair in over a year! My hair is still vibrant and rich in color without all of the harsh chemicals of traditional hair color or tinted shampoos.

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