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Who is she, really?

A Life S̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ Lesson

Once upon a time on a mid autumn’s day in the distant eighties, a blue-eyed baby girl with ebony black hair was born in the heart of Europe, now a non-existent country since the early nineties: Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, a.k.a the heart shaped land to be exact).

Her parents were primary/high school sweethearts who got married young and lead a humble and peaceful life. Yugoslavia officially ceases to exist as we know it in the early nineties, and that little girls childhood was cut short once the war in Bosnia began: she was only seven years old. Next time she and her parents would somewhat come to know peace once again wouldn’t be for the next five long years, once the war ended in 1995.

During those five years, the little girl had to grow up much faster than most of the other kids her age who lived overseas. She had to go to school under sniper fire and shelling, keep her ears open for certain sounds if playing outside, ration her food and water accordingly so that no day would pass without it, but many have. (Isn’t that kind of what we refer to as “portion control” nowadays..? Oh how I love when a perfectly fine looking woman says she needs to go hungry because she has an ounce of “extra weight” on. Trust me - you don’t wanna go there).

Getting used to candlelight at night for the next few years, not having electricity and proper heating in snowy winters took shorter than anyone in today’s world ever thought possible. Eggs, tomatoes, chocolate, strawberries, milk - just to name a few - became a distant memory and a repetitive nightly dream. Exercise across the hills and mountains became a regular thing at nine years of age: ten hour and then-some, return trips for food. That backpack was heavy for a skinny young child. At twelve years old, she found out a baby brother was on the way and was super excited and happy that she bought a dummy immediately, even though her mother wasn’t even half way through her first trimester. She became so protective that she would cover her mother’s belly with her arm before they crossed the street. Couldn’t have anything hurt the tummy.

What horrors did I experience and see with my own eyes? Plenty, but let’s not write/read about that ..

Somewhere in between ‘93 and ‘97, she learned English on her own and became impeccably fluent, which would come in quite handy for what was about to happen next; In 1997 at fourteen years of age, she moved across the globe to Sydney, Australia with her parents and her two year old baby brother (yes, we all survived). A fresh start. A new life, which was hard to imagine at the time. She went to school, got a casual job, graduated from high school, got a scholarship, graduated from college, got her first full-time job, fell in love, bought her first car, went on vacation overseas, ate a lot, spent a lot of time with her family and friends, bought a house. Life became just what it was always supposed to be: LIFE. Everything and anything positive that came along was a blessing.

❀ I cannot tell you how grateful and proud I am to be Australian! I love this country with all of my heart and I will never be able to repay it for the life and all the opportunities it has given me! ❀

Fast forward to 2016, she randomly met a handsome stranger at a karaoke bar in Times Square, New York City and kept visiting each other every chance they got. Three years later, they travelled the world together for seven months. A short twelve months after, he dropped everything and moved to Sydney, they moved in together, got engaged, opened up a little cafe/restaurant, got married and bought a little dog. Currently arguing over what to eat and what to/what not to shop for. I might be winning.

Life my friend, is and always will be what you make it. Make peace with things that are out of your control and never give up on life and the things you want, just because they seem out of reach right now or “imposible” - after all, nothing is.


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Post-it Thoughts

2nd Apr 2021, 11:06am

Darn it!! Another postponed Gold Coast trip! Corona cases went up over there, work got complicated, resolved and then busy in between, summer passed but is still somewhat holding on. Life couldn’t be better despite everything though!

Hubby and I have been discussing expansion of our business for quite some time, and we are surely heading that way as things have been going really well! Not for a while yet, but God willing - it might actually happen much sooner than we thought. Fingers crossed!



23 Feb 2021, 7:40am

And that’s a wrap! Having my last morning coffee in Copa before our drive back to Sydney - for now! This time around, we got to meet even some more amazing locals who we can’t wait to see again when they come for a visit. Always feeling melancholy to leave this place, but can’t wait to get home and see my little fur babies! Our Gold Coast trip is coming up next in about a week or so - yay! Hopefully the weather up there will serve us just as well, and hopefully the borders stay open since we’ve been doing so well in NSW; Fingers crossed!

Ahhhh .. this view .. I’m going to miss it the most! ♡



18 Feb 21, 9:30am

So, the hubbs is my personal stylist now. No joke! We grabbed some breakfast at Terrigal yesterday morning and went shopping. Everything I bought apart from one item, he picked out for me. And damn .. The man knows what he’s talking about. As we speak, I’m wearing clothing that actually makes me look and feel my age instead of a woman in her fifties. Let’s just clarify the fact that I’m thirty seven and am used to dressing more conservatively.

I shall never doubt you again husband. After all, I know your own excellent style of dressing, plus you come from the fashion capital of the world hahaha.



15 Feb 21, 11:43pm

Ignacio and I are at Copacabana - again! Arrived yesterday. We love it here! We prefer not to stay at touristy locations, but rather away where it’s more quiet and we can mingle with the locals. We both love that small town feel and always stay at Copacabana Shores, which is owned by Michael and his wife. Such beautiful, beeeeautiful elderly people! He built it 20 years ago if not more and it’s literally a one minute walk to the beach and to my fave little cafes and bars.

Speaking of which, if you’re ever up here, you have to check out my top three fave spots! Once you do, you’ll know exactly why they’re my only go to’s here! From great customer service, cheery bright smiles, warm and welcoming nature, to amazing coffee, pastries, food and cocktails!

Jo and Hailey’s Burnt Honey Bakery (@burnthoneybakery)

But first.. Coffee!! Unlike the hubby, I’m a morning person so I love to grab my morning coffee early and stroll along the beach. These two awesome ladies make sure I get my morning fix of rich, smooth and creamy flavoured coffee and some finger licking pastries - yum!

Daniel and Josh’s Cabana Cafe (@cabanacafebar)

After my coffee, here comes brunch! I’ve had pretty much 98% of their menu and you cannot go wrong with any choice! And I mean ANY. Lucky for me I’m actually typing at present and am able to chew this heaven up in peace haha. Check it out for yourselves.

Jerome’s Ocean Bar & Cantina (@oceanbarcantina)

In the evenings, we pop in for dinner and/or drinks! It’s Caribbean inspired so they have a variety of delish dishes and cocktails. Coño! Night vibe is awesome with live music playing on Thursday nights.

We are seriously thinking of retiring here, or even moving eventually. We’re actually about to look at some properties while we’re here. A few open houses are on this Saturday and we’re super excited!



14 Feb 21, 8:10am

Happy Birthday to the best dad anyone could have ever wished for! There are no words to describe the heart and soul of this man. My husband calls him a Saint, and even yet, the word alone still doesn’t describe my father. Not even close!

I love you to the moon and back, always.

Your little girl,


Ps. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :)


10 Feb 21, 6:17am

Our wedding was on 5th Dec 2020 and it was small, intimate, beautiful and simply perfect with only family and extremely close friends attending. I still don’t get why people make these huge events out of it ..? I personally was never for it. There really is no need to over do it by making some “grand” event out of it for other people, rather than yourselves. I think it’s a complete waste of money that could be invested in a much better way, such as: buying an apartment or a house for example, kickstarting your childs savings account that would earn interest over time, starting your own business, saving for retirement or even enjoying your overseas honeymoon for longer than a week or two, instead of feeling obligated to cater for people you’ve perhaps met twice in your life because they’re good friends with your uncle’s uncle and so on. I know at least a handful of people who now regretfully say “There really was no need for it .. I should’ve just done close friends and family!!” - but each to their own.

So, I’m a married woman now. Still haven’t gotten used to that one!



29 Jan 21, 5:43pm

Going back to my September notes, the news coming was the opening of our cafe eatery: A Little Somethin’ Co. (@alittlesomethinco)! Owning my own business, specifically a little cafe has been my dream for many, many years and it has finally come true! So proud of that achievement during these hard times and in this day and age! I still have some minor aesthetic tweaking to do of the upstairs area, but it’s mostly done now :) If you’re a local or live in Sydney, pop in for a cup of coffee and say hi! Would love to get some feedback on our food and atmosphere in general. Any suggestions in terms of improvement or what you would like to see/experience there are very welcome! :)



01 Oct 20, 7:00am

I’m looking forward to this summer badly! Winter for me has stretched since August 2019 to date! But in saying that, if I could turn back time, I’d still pick the same option! 2019 was the best year, up until March 2020 (and a few more important moments since). But when the clock strikes midnight on 31st December, may we never ever speak of the lost year ever again! *clink clink*



30 Sep 20, 8:00am

Big plans ahead! I’m hoping that the plans my fiancée and I currently have and will bring into effect over the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed!!), won’t be affected by the current situation. We are super excited and we can’t wait to share the news with you in due time!


27 Sep 20, 5:00pm

Since I’ve consciously stopped liking posts about the coronavirus for quite a while (and therefore the algorithm of my Facebook newsfeed has changed to a complete “Corona news free zone”), I’ve almost forgotten the damn thing exists! Yes, I still wear my mask on the regular, but it’s become a norm that I don’t think twice about anymore - just like wearing a bra and underwear. I feel like the world is as it’s always been: Perfectly abnormal in all its chaotic glory. Ain’t the human mind a wondrous thing?


What’s in the bag?

A woman’s purse is her secret source of power.

There are many dark and dangerous things in there that the male species should know nothing about. They would never understand why we have to carry around a bag so heavy with “all that stuff”, and how is it that all of it fits in there!?

Currently we have:

• Five chapsticks (Oh yes, I’m quite serious. I can never get enough of different flavours).
• SLIP pure silk face mask
• SLIP pure silk multicoloured scrunchies
• Coach coin purse (wallet)
• Burberry polaroid sunglasses
• Car and house/cafe keys
• Ralph Lauren lavender summer scarf
• The Body Shop Satsuma Hand creme
• Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
• Dettol hand sanitiser and a face mask
• Antibacterial hand and face wipes
• Libra invisible liners
• Breath spray
• Tylenol/Prodeine
• Lighter and cigarettes (About to quit!)
• Pez dispenser
• Black, blue and purple hair clips
• Portable iPhone charger
• iPhone 12 mini
• Apple AirPods Pro
• Pocket tissues
• Marc Jacob’s Daisy travel perfume
• Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara
• Clinique compact face powder
• Garnier BB Cream
• Mini hair brush
• NARS blush
• Blush brush
• Lindt chocolate
• Several loose TicTac mints (by the time you finish reading this, they’ll be slowly digesting.)
• Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black Ballpoint Pen
• Passport (‘cause old habits die hard.)

I’m pretty sure there’s also a dream of boarding a plane for my next overseas adventure, somewhere in there too ..

And yes - It all fits . Hmm.. I wonder if I’m missing anything?


Covid-19 self preservation: Day one hundred and fourty seven, week twenty four. —

Chapter Three: Keeping Up With Life’s Curveballs

It’s been a number of months since I’ve written a word. Please don’t mind me, I’ve had a lot on my plate. But where to begin ..? Ahhh yes .. Let’s begin at the most recent beginning, and work our way back in time.

We’ve set our wedding date for December 5th, 2020. This particular date was set before the world got out of hand. Had we known that the “apocalypse” was coming, it would’ve been set for September 7th: the day my fiancée and I met, back in 2016. Why the 5th? Because we/he was supposed to be in NYC from March until December. But even when we both realised he was staying here for good instead, we decided to keep it. Who wouldn’t want a nice, sunshine and butterflies filled day (oh the irony, but more on that later), instead of the gloomy rain? And I wasn’t about to go back to Cartier and purchase another wedding band with a new engraving either. Speaking of weddings, I don’t know how anyone can deal with having a huge one with an insane number of guests! The amount of stress, planning and money that goes into it is just ridiculous! That being said, I’m not opposed to this if that’s what someone prefers - but it was never my/his/our thing.

Moving along .. *dead silence* Umm .. *chokes back tears whilst thinking about NOT honeymooning in Europe next summer (Aussie winter)* So yeah, as far as our honeymoon goes, we can’t plan anything right now. And that’s ok. We’re just going to have to make do with what we have, which is the beautiful coast of NSW as an interim mini honeymoon, per se. But I’m definitely looking forward to planning it once the world bounces back to its somewhat normal state. The good news is, all our wedding planning is done and dusted. Phew! Another ‘Phew!’ shall be released gladly once all my pending orders are delivered! I’m having major anxiety of not receiving certain items in time, but I trust all will work out well. After all, I did manage to buy an actual wedding dress that fits like a glove, three months before the wedding, during a pandemic! It’s safely tucked away in my closet. Can’t say I’ve never hit the jackpot.

But somewhere in between all that commotion, I saw a foot specialist after my Dr. told me I had bursitis. What the hell is burs..!! Oh.. Great. I’m currently walking on a golf ball, and have been for a while. You wouldn’t be able to tell and I was hoping a mere cortisone shot would do, but nope .. I actually need to have surgery on my left foot in order to remove it. Not quite sure when, but hopefully in the near future. I also can’t say I’ve never been ballin’. Yup. I’ve hit the jackpot and now I’m ballin’ ..! Splendid.

Meanwhile, my 80 year old grandmother had a slight accident at home and ended up in hospital with a broken hip for about 5 months. She’s recovered well, is walking like a champ and is an Ironwoman now who (I’m pretty sure by the way) can run faster than I do, so I’m going to have to borrow that hip at some stage.

But let’s back up a little. Before grandma became an Ironwoman, my butterfly shaped gland decided to hit midlife crisis somewhere in between our trip to Madrid and Paris in January (read overactive thyroid). As I’ve said at the beginning, a lot has happened since I wrote last. I’ve heard of this butterfly, but never bothered to actually know the role it plays in someone’s life. Needless to say it’s caged back up and under complete control now, but it was no picnic trying to tame her. From feeling completely disoriented, lightheaded and having hot flashes like a 50 year old woman in menopause, to ending up in ER in NYC in January this year, due to a skyrocketing heart rate. I got lucky to have had it diagnosed right at the very beginning, otherwise amongst other things, I would’ve started loosing a lot of weight rapidly without lifting a fing.. Oh.. That’s just GREAT!! But all joke aside, I’m very grateful. My health is in tip top shape at the moment.

“It comes in threes.” - they say. So let’s recap, shall we? We’ve got a golf ball, the butterfly effect, and ..? Does grandmas hip count? Does Coronavirus count? Does a washing machine ripping my favourite white curtains into pieces yesterday count!?? You magnificent piece of sh- Ahherm. Well, that’s about it for now.

‘Til next time ..

14 Sept 20, 7:30pm @ Sydney, Australia

Covid-19 self preservation: Day one, week three. —

Chapter Two: Cooking in the Time of Corona

We’ve been reorganising some stuff in the house - a new little project with now plenty of time to do. It’s coming along great! I’ve spent six and a half hours thoroughly cleaning today, with more to come tomorrow. Don’t you just love basking in the spotless house!? Le sigh. My kitchen is fully functional (read has been for the last five years, but I’m not a fan of cooking and not much of a cook at all. Yet!). Some wonderous and delicious things are being made there, and it’s all thanks to my fiancée’s talents. He’s a modest gentleman and says he’s not much of a cook, but that’s not true at all. His inner chef comes out! He always cooks for me and I’m blessed. With that being said, I can make simple things (read anyone can), but he’s on a whole new level! I find him super inspiring in many things, including the fact that soon enough I will learn much from him and it’ll be super handy when we bring a pair of little feet into this world! No, I’m not pregnant - yet! Surely what I’m expressing may be funny to some, but all this is new and exciting to me. During the course of a couple of my previous relationships, I’ve never lived with a man nor had any obligations in such a way but to myself only. It’s a huge change! Why? Because I didn’t want to move in with anyone until I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with them. Factors: Why rush, hold on to, or settle for just anyone because I’m getting older?, being extremely picky, and being completely happy and content with the way my life was. So this is partly what marriage is like, huh..? I’m loving every minute of it!

Sometimes I wonder why we haven’t been lucky enough to have met many years before we actually did? But the more appealing question is: What will he concoct in the kitchen next?

30 March 20, 6:30pm @ Sydney, Australia

Covid-19 self preservation: Entering week three. —

Chapter One: Love in the Time Of Corona

We had a disagreement two nights ago (read a mere post pms argument) about the new iPad Pro. Face palm. If we loose our shit now, how are we going to survive until quarantine is over? (Read maniacal laughter). Why can’t he just accept the fact that the iPad Pro is a necessity for me in order to do my bidding as I see fit (read not as I have the new mini as of recent - bought for travels but I want it regardless, because getting a MacBook Pro is unecessary with this product right now)? And if the banks do take all of our money due to crisis or times get tougher, I’ll have a useless piece of equipment to remind me of better days that I absolutely don’t need, which mind you, I won’t be able to connect to the internet anyway if it gets switched off.

But like I said, we had a disagreement. In the end, he bailed out for dinner. To the dining room. Whilst I proudly (read whining like a spoilt little brat that I am right now) triumphed in silence, iPad Proless. For now.

Let me finalise this chapter by saying that we are both “saddened” by the not so sudden fact that the new iPhone won’t be released as scheduled*. Put a 36 and a 40 year old tech lover in the same room together, and you’ll have a discussion that can last for hours. Perfect way to stay busy, bring out the inner child and “argue” over anything trivial to break up our daily routine.

29 March 20, 1:25pm @ Sydney, Australia

Footnote: *We fully acknowledge the seriousness of the Covid-19’s impact on peoples lives and the world at present. This blog entry was simply written to show the irritable impact quarantine has on absolutely dumb topics in any relationship - which would normally never happen, to brighten up people’s day and not make light of current events nor diminish their importance.