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Social media is transforming the way we communicate and the way people receive health information. As healthcare professionals turn to social media to grow not only their following, but personal brands and platforms, there's a a unique opportunity for healthcare workers to use social media to promote health equity, cultural competence, and health education.

During this FREE webinar we take a look at the opportunities and challenges that social media presents for health promotion.

Healthcare workers will learn how to create a 4-step Plan of CARE for their social platforms.

You will:

πŸ’‘Gain knowledge on the importance of language for multi and cross cultural audiences and why it's essential for promoting inclusivity.

πŸ’‘Hear from healthcare influencers and leaders who use social media to promote health equity and acess to care. Best practice examples will be shared.

πŸ’‘Consider new ways to apply your knowledge, experience, and credentials to disseminate evidence-based information and debunk misinformation in order to more effectively and responsibly communicate with a diverse audience

πŸ’‘Learn how to create socially responsible content and social media best practices for growing your brand, so that you can partner and collaborate with brands


Ms. Black USA 2022 Pageant

First Runner-Up

On August 6th, I competed for the national title of Ms. Black USA!

Although I'm disappointed that I didn't take home the crown, I'm proud that a girl from a tiny town in Alabama competed in a national pageant and took home FIRST RUNNER-UP!

I'm a 35 year old mom who decided to compete in pageantry after a 16-year hiatus. I won my state title. Then, went on to the national stage and competed against women from across the nation and placed as FIRST RUNNER-UP...

In the entire country!

I met some amazing and accomplished Black women doing extraordinary things and I'm happy that I'm apart of this sisterhood. I had an incredible experience.

My reign as Ms. Black Alabama USA doesn't end until January, so we have more work to do. I'm happy to come home and continue to improve health equity in my state! I'm just getting started!


Thank you to these individuals, businesses, and organizations for supporting me as Ms. Black Alabama USA 2022. Words cannot describe how humbled I am to have your support.

Please support these individuals, businesses, and organizations!

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Skin Pharm

Platinum Sponsor

Ms. Black Alabama USA is proud to partner with Atlanta-based medspa and skincare clinic, Skin Pharm.

Skin Pharm is a modern beauty brand founded by nurse practitioner Maegan Griffin in 2017. After 8+ years in aesthetic medicine, Maegan created Skin Pharm because she wanted the Skin Pharm experience as a patient β€” and she figured others would, too.

Skin Pharm's Clare Taylor is the official skincare provider for Ms. Black Alabama USA 2022. Since using Skin Pharm's products and services my breakouts have cleared and I haven't had a breakout in months! Catch my glowing skin on the stage in August!

Learn more about Skin Pharm

Heaven's Hands Hospice

Silver Sponsor

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Behind The Glass

Silver Sponsor

Learn more about Behind The Glass

Nurse Blake

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