minority support group

the exclusive safe space for inclusivity

welcome! let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. minority support group is a podcast dedicated to creating a safe space for people who may not have always felt like they belong somewhere. sometimes, it’s hard to find your place. maybe you’re like us, and you’ve felt like you’re too *insert race here* for your white friends, but that you’re too white for your *insert race here* friends. we’ve been navigating that world our entire lives, and after about 25 years, we realized something — it’s time tor us to carve out a space for ourselves and invite others into it.

we’re passionate about telling and hearing stories, and that’s exactly what we plan on doing with our podcast. every week, we’ll delve into a topic that we have experience with (identity crises, going through high school as a minority, being the only person of color in a group of friends, being women in the STEM fields, how the BLM movement changed us, etc.), and we’ll share what we’ve been through, what we’ve learned, and even what we’ve unlearned. and we encourage all of you to do the same. listen, learn, and share. we want to hear your thoughts and your experiences, because no two people’s are the same.

don’t let the name fool you. our podcast may be called “minority” support group, but it is a community dedicated to anyone who wants to join. that means whether you yourself are a minority (and keep in mind, we aren’t limiting the definition of minority solely to race — there are so many different kinds of people out there!), you simply want to learn a little bit more about the minority experience, or you consider yourself an ally, you are more than welcome! we promise there’s a place for you here.

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the exclusive safe space for inclusivity