A Little Bit About Me

Hi friend!!! It makes my heart smile that you’ve taken a bit of your time to venture over to my little site to get to know me. With that being said, I’d love to get to know you too! After you skim over this bit here, make your way over to the influencer link to share with me a little about yourself. Here goes nothing!

My name is Quitta! I’m a Sagittarius and I like long walks on the beach! J/K!!

Ok but for real, I’m 37 y.o. I’m a girlfriend, Labor and Delivery travel nurse, lover of adventure, foodie, and social media marketer. I found my love for nursing at a young age because my mom is also a nurse. She would force me to go to the chemo clinic on my off days from high school to keep the patients/veterans without family company. There I found that there was a special place in my soul where “service” lived.

Fast forward, 8 years after that, I met another nurse while I was on an assignment and she introduced me to another vehicle of service through online marketing. Never really thought this would be something I’d be interested in but I’m glad that I took the guess work out of it and just got started. Within the first month I was already supplementing my car payment, 5 months later supplementing my rent, a year later, supplementing my nursing income!!

So here’s the deal. There are PLENTY of jobs and careers available. But the ones that give us the most freedom and the most income are the ones that scare us the most. So we shy away from them. We convince ourselves only certain people succeed in certain arenas instead of thinking “how can I become those people”. The reason I love what I do is because anyone can do it. Anyone can make the money. Anyone can choose freedom. Anyone can change their circumstances, but only a few are willing to do it!

Unconventional? Yep
Impossible? Absolutely NOT!

Now I do both and I’m living a life that I didn’t even think I was worthy of!! I’m here to spread that possibility to as many people as I can!!