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Welcome to our blog! We are the Epsilon Eta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Mississippi State. Our chapter is made up of a diverse group of women with a wide scope of passions we want to share with you. Ranging from advice to tutorials to sentimental messages, this is the spot!

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How to Balance Being a Student, Business Owner, and Sorority Girl

By: Mary Gray

Hey y’all! My name is Mary Gray and I am a junior from Mandeville, Louisiana majoring in Business Administration. I am apart of the American Marketing Association and a marketing intern for the Athletic Department. A fun fact about me is that I own my own photography business. I have always loved taking photos, but I was never able to build up the courage to put myself out there. I started my business second semester of freshman year. Never doing something like this before, I was very nervous how this would all pan out. I was worried that I would get distracted from my school work and not be able to balance everything that I was doing.

When my first few clients booked with me, I started to plan out my days very strategically. I would prioritize school in the morning, saving the afternoon for shoots or editing galleries. This worked very well for a while, until my business started to grow- as well as my involvement with Alpha Delta Pi.

In November I was elected as our Videographer Specialist to make short videos for our social media while attending most social events to get content. I was balancing everything out pretty well, until graduation rolled around. Graduation means senior pictures and senior pictures meant it was time to really figure out how I was going to balance everything that I was doing. Graduation is the biggest time of year for any photographer, and as a student myself, I was still in classes, organizations, and trying to get my business’s name out there in this competitive industry.

One of my first graduation clients was my sister Keilah Shannon. She was nothing short of sweet to me while I was trying to get into the swing of this whole business thing. Once I sent out Keilah’s gallery, my whole business grew pretty quickly. My page was getting reshared by my sisters and soon enough, I was fully booked every weekend in the spring.

I was starting to get worried that my time would be taken away from Alpha Delta Pi. I began planning out my days by the hour, making sure that I was able to have time to do everything that I wanted to do. My business started intertwining with Alpha Delta Pi and I started taking lots of pictures for our chapter. Eventually my job stopped being full of work and it started to be a lot of fun. My sisters were giving me a lot of encouragement during that time and never made me feel stressed. The Alpha Delta Pi house has been my favorite place to edit all of my galleries because of the positive feedback I receive from everyone. I have never felt discouraged with what I do, nor have I ever hindered my grades or social interaction as an entrepreneur.

The biggest piece of advice I could give to a college student wanting to start their own business is to love what you do, and do what you love.

My Experience with Spring Recruitment

“If you’re thinking about spring recruitment – give it a chance! I know how nerve wracking it can be, but I also know how worthwhile it can be. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and give it a shot, you might just love it!” -Keilah Shannon

Hey hey! My name is Keilah Shannon and I am a senior psychology major at Mississippi State and a member of Alpha Delta Pi! I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and when I came to MSU, I had no idea what to expect – I had always been a social butterfly and never had any problems making friends, but I never really had to work hard for friends either. Most of my friends back home have been my friends since preschool, which is something I never even considered before I moved 550 miles from my hometown and from everything that is comfortable. I was IN LOVE with Mississippi State, and I knew I didn’t want to go to college anywhere else, but I really struggled socially during my first semester on campus. I made friends, got involved, and did well in my classes, but I was constantly homesick, and I had a longing for more – I needed a home away from home to be complete. Throughout my first semester, I toyed with the idea of moving back home (or at least to somewhere closer) and back into my comfort zone and my parents told me absolutely not – I had to go back in the spring and give it my all, and if I still wasn’t happy, I could transfer. I didn’t know this at the time, but my parents were a blessing in disguise. As I thought about how to find my fit at MSU in the spring, recruitment ran across my mind again. I didn’t do recruitment in the fall because it was WAY out of my scope of knowledge, and I didn’t like the idea of being unfamiliar to an entire process – no one in my family was a part of Greek life so I had nothing to work with. I heard about spring recruitment from one of my friends, and she really thought it was a great idea for me! I wasn’t sure, so I brought it up to my parents and they were ALL IN, I have never seen them so excited for something, so I went through with it!

Now that we’ve made it through the backstory, let me be frank in saying: going through recruitment is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was missing a piece of me when I started this process that has been totally filled by the women of Alpha Delta Pi and all of the opportunities I have had since my Bid Day just a few short semesters ago. Looking back on my recruitment, I seriously had NO clue what I was doing but not a single girl in a single house made me feel like I was out of place. During my recruitment, we had a huge snowstorm that pushed the week-long process to just one night – we would visit all of the houses, make our choices, and come back the next day for bid day…… the pressure was insane!!! From the second I walked into Alpha Delta Pi, I knew where I was meant to be (fate is real!!). I had the most down to earth conversations about school, car problems, and what I was looking for in a sisterhood with some of the most welcoming women I had ever met. From the first conversation, I was sold – these girls wanted to know me, support me, and share the bond of sisterhood with me and I had never felt such a genuine connection. Spring recruitment was so laid back, that I didn’t feel any pressure at all and truly enjoyed the process which is just what I needed to find my home. When I opened my Bid card the next day, I almost cried – Alpha Delta Pi wanted me as bad as I wanted to be there and everything in the world was right because of that. Bid day consisted of meeting new sisters, asking questions about what to expect, and celebrating my newfound sisterhood – one of my favorite days to look back on because I had no idea how many good things were to come at the time.

From my very first day, I felt at home. I was hesitant to come around to the house at first, I was so irrationally worried that everyone had already formed friend groups, and no one would even acknowledge me, but I was horribly mistaken. My first meal at the house didn’t even get all the way eaten because I was too busy talking to the group of girls that had sat with me and wanted to get to know me and make me feel welcome. I remember calling my mom after I left that lunch and crying because I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be, and I finally felt at home. I wanted to get involved, and I was upfront about this – holding an officer position was my top goal and I was eager to make an impact. A senior at the time and I had gotten pretty close, and one day she told me about Freshman Year Navigator applications – she thought I would be a perfect fit mentoring first-time freshmen and helping them adjust to college. I wasn’t so sure, but I applied anyway, and I got the job!!! Looking back, I owe her everything, as I’m now looking to get my Masters in Higher Education and work in Student Affairs at a University. I got that chance at leadership within Alpha Delta Pi my sophomore year when I was appointed Director of Continuous Recruitment – helping to bring girls home that were maybe just a little hesitant about formal recruitment (making them just. like. me.). This position helped me to see how passionate I was about recruitment as a whole and gave me the thrill of bringing girls home! The next fall, I served as the Director of Academic Affairs – my DREAM job!!! I had so much fun helping my sisters succeed academically and had the amazing opportunity to restructure and improve our scholarship program. These positions each showed me different strengths within myself and gave me the chance to lead within ADPi and to make a lasting impact for Alpha classes to come – one of my greatest honors and most beneficial experiences to date. I was never made to feel like an outsider, and most of my Alpha class often forgets that I didn’t celebrate bid day alongside them because of how well we mesh and how much fun we have. Through Alpha Delta Pi, I have accomplished my goals, made lifelong friends, and filled my heart. This chapter has given me more than I could have ever dreamed and has been steadfast in friendship and supported me no matter what since day one – every day isn’t storybook perfect, but ADPi is my safe haven when things don’t go my way and I am accepted and loved no matter the situation.

If you’re thinking about spring recruitment – give it a chance! I know how nerve wracking it can be, but I also know how worthwhile it can be. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and give it a shot, you might just love it!

Staying Mentally Stable When The World Around You is Chaotic

By: Rachel Van Horn

Ok, so let’s address the elephant in the room - 2020. We all know that no one’s wish going into the new decade was a world pandemic or a social revolution. However, as much as we can hope and dream to go back to “normal”, we need to start accepting a new normal of wearing masks and watching what we say - how we think and how we act. Personally, as someone who does not like sudden change, the last few months have given me a new perspective on how to assimilate to a new normal. While I understand that some people are still struggling, believe me I still am, here are a few reminders of how to essentially “stay calm” during a worldwide pandemic:

1) Creating a Self Schedule
With online classes and self-isolation, sometimes the weekdays can muddle together, making you feel stir-crazy and stuck. The best thing you can do to help yourself stay on track is making a self schedule. I’m not saying you have to plan down every last second of your day - that would be a little much. Self scheduling can be as simple as saying “at 11:00 am I’ll study for 30 minutes” or “3:00 pm I’ll go for a quick walk before class.” By setting a structure for yourself, your day will feel so much more organized and purposeful. With that being said, the biggest thing about self-scheduling is leaving yourself a specific time to de-stress. Whether it’s meditating, watching a movie, (personally I like having a cup of tea an hour before bed), or having a specific time carved out of the day, you can have consistently and give yourself something to look forward to, to produce motivation to get your homework done!
2) Creating a Welcoming Environment
Creating a welcoming environment is twofold: Keeping your room clean and assigning certain areas with specific tasks. First and foremost, keeping your personal space organized decreases stress and allows you to focus on the bigger picture. Assigning certain areas, like doing homework at your desk and studying somewhere like the library or a coffee shop allows you to not only focus better, but also get a change of scenery (when safe and socially distanced). With that being said, the biggest piece of advice I can give on this topic is to stay away from your bed as much as possible! Sure, relaxing throughout the day is super nice and renewing, but, waiting to get into bed until the very end of the day feels so much more rewarding and in the long run helps you sleep better!
3) Recognizing Your Hierarchy of Needs
Most people’s needs are extremely different, however, one thing that remains the same is the order of importance that you put them in. A healthy hierarchy is: mental needs-> physical needs-> social needs ->. When you find yourself struggling, run down the hierarchy of needs and see which categories need to be met. Starting with your emotional needs, ask yourself how are you doing and what you can possibly improve. Next, ask yourself if you’re physically taking care of yourself - are you nutritionally satisfied, have you left your dorm today? Lastly, think about your social needs by asking yourself “have I talked to someone about how I’m feeling” or vice versa - ask your friends how they’re doing and what you can do to make them feel better. With this in mind, the biggest thing to remember is that you physically cannot take care of someone else until you’ve taken care of yourself. In this instance, it’s okay to be selfish.
4) Self Actualization and Acceptance
In the end, we all eventually have to realize we’re all in this together for the long run. While social distancing and masks may seem superficial, collectively we must realize that by doing our part, we can serve the greater good. With this being said, doing the right thing doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our sanity. By coming to terms with this messed up and unfair situation, we can put our focus towards moving on and becoming the best version of ourselves…. within CDC guidelines. Just remember to stay safe and help others who might be struggling with our new normal.

Our Dorm Must-Haves!

18 Things Any Incoming Freshman NEEDS in their Dorm

Preparing for freshman year is hard, let us make it easier for you! Our very own Rachel and Monet have put together a list of 18 they could not have lived without in their dorm this year!


For the morning you wake up exhausted and need an extra boost, this is the best!

Brita Water Filter

You will never need to buy water bottles and you will always have fresh, cold, water on hand. A lifesaver.

Rolling 3 Tier Cart

Perfect to use as a pantry or for other small items that need to be stored.

Essential Oil Diffuser

For relaxation or a stress free study night.

First Aid Kit

Let’s face it: life is unpredictable.


Laundry isn’t cheap and quarters never fail (especially if the card reader isn’t working correctly).

Mini Steamer

Keeps your clothes wrinkle free and so quick and easy to use!

Mattress Topper

Makes the bed so much more comfortable, and makes you feel at home in a new place.

Fuzzy Blanket

You can never go wrong with the comfort a fuzzy blanket brings.


For those hot summer nights or when the AC goes out, you never know.

Blackout Curtains

Perfect for the Sunday’s when you want to sleep in!


They make it so much easier to get on your bed and provide extra storage.


This is an essential if you have a bathroom.

Painting and Assorted Wall Art

This makes your dorm so cute and homey!

Lots of Throw Pillows

Makes your room so cozy and comfortable for naps.


If you have room it is definitely an essential!

Random Costume Pieces

You never know what kind of social events are going to come up!

Each Other!

For constant support and love. For hugs on the good and bad days. For an unbreakable bond built on many laughs and unforgettable memories.

Christmas Gift Guide

This year’s holidays may not be the same as ever before, but the giving spirit is still alive. Here is a gift guide to help you decide what to get for your friends and family!

-Channing Perrett

For a sorority sister

This sweatshirt is a part of the “sorority collection”. You can gift one of these to another sister on the row. Pan- love!!

star sweatshirt link

An ornament can hold so many memories. By gifting one of your sisters these, they’ll forever think of you when they see it.

glitter ornament link

For Mom

I adore a comfy set of pajamas. Plus, there are so many different styles and places to get them. A cute set like this is an easy gift!

cheetah pj set
white pj set

This is perfect if you need a quick gift! Your mom will love a picture of you or your entire family.

Kendra Scott frame

These are the comfiest house shoes ever! You just cannot go wrong with these (unless you get the wrong size
hehe so check!)

UGG slippers

For Dad

One way to upgrade your Dad’s nightstand is by getting him one of these. I love the personalization and your Dad will too. No one can take it from him then!

Docking Station

My Dad travels a ton, and it has made me realize how much he needed a toiletry bag. Having one of these helps him keep all of his things together.

Men’s travel bag

If your Dad and family love tailgating, then a set of Mississippi State corn hole platforms are the way to go. This ensures that for any game y’all are prepared.

Mississippi State platforms

For siblings

A personalized jewelry case for the sister who literally has everything! No one can ever have enough bags. These come in multiple colors as well.

jewlrey case

Your sibling will thank you when they open this one! This jacket is cozy and fits true to size. It is perfect for Starkville weather.

Patagonia jacket