Little bit about myself

Welcome to my blog! This is something I have been wanting to set up for the longest time ever,

Like most girls, I have always had an interest in hair and makeup. Since a young age I loved to experiment with different colours and styles. The older I became, the more I wanted to explore more into make up! This blog will concentrate on makeup, colours, styles, techniques and any new products that I think are worth mentioning.i will mention a slight insight on a what a brides regime,abit of fashion and carry on ready to find out more.
I am the biggest makeup junkie on the planet, I love trying new things and recommending to family and friends. I absolutely love fashion and make up anything that’s related to being creative as I have that side to me and looking for any opportunity to bring it out of me! Oh

Makeup is an art, and I view the face as a canvas – there are techniques, and specific ways to apply a product. This is what I hope to talk to you all about. Please do comment below and let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover. This blog is to help you learn.

I am training to become a makeup artist. This is a hobby that I enjoy very much. I like to recommend and review new products as I am always being asked ‘what is the best mascara to use’ ‘what foundation do you think will suit my skin’.

Makeup can fill a woman with confidence and it is amazing what you can create with very few products. I am a big believer in bringing out natural beauty and features and emphasising on that. I made over a girlfriend of mine a few weeks ago for a wedding that we attended and she had the most amazing skin to work with – so for me, less was more with her. I have got lots of exciting news and looks planned for this blog, so please stay tuned. I hope to be able to look back on this in years to come and see my progress! I hope you all enjoy my journey too! Be sure to follow me on Social Media too:

Instagram- mua_belle_

My few top high street designers and my top few high end designers in fashion

Your top recommendations for your followers

Designer brand accessories (Louis Vuitton)

I will forever be a Louis Vuitton girl at heart. It was my first love and will always be the brand I look to when it comes to luxury. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE other luxury brands, but if I could only pick one, I’d pick Louis!! And since I am such a die hard Louis Vuitton lover I get asked all the time which bags are my favorite and which bags I recommend so I thought I’d put together the top 4 Louis Vuitton accessories that I recommend in no particular order.

You can dress really casual and just jazz up any simple out with a designer branded accessories whether it is a bag or scarf!
Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch is a perfect ping pit clutch as fashionista are using this trendy toiletry bag as a clutch bag so affordable and versatile.
Bracelet nano- I love stacking up on bracelets and a nice designer watch I usually wear my balmain watch with this.
Key pouch-you can easily attach this cute little bag to any bag and give it a such a affordable look but still in the designer look your trying to achieve.
Louis Vuitton alma bag which my husband had gifted me. I have been in love with this bag and wanted it for the longest!

You can find all of these pieces on the Louis Vuitton website or I store.


Here are few of my favourite high street shops I like to shop from!

My favourite place to buy clothes from has definitely got to be Zara! It just affordable alternative of designer clothing peices! Not to mention their shoes and accessories! They never fail me. Always look so expensive without that price tag!

I think i speak on behalf of the nation when i say: Zara is one of the high-street brands i come back to time and time again. From affordable yet high-quality basics to viral trend-led pieces (if you see hot pink jeans everywhere this summer, blame Zara), I’d bet every single one of you has at least one item from the brand in your wardrobe.

No matter the season this shop never fails me! When you’ve done you make up and need the outfit that stands out then Zara is the place to shop!

One of favourite fashion icon has to be jam_illa

I love this fashionista’s Instagram ! So aesthetically pleasing. Her style is always on point! Whenever I am looking to shop I check what jam_Lila has recently purchased as she has great sense of style very similar to mines! Sometimes I find that she already has some of the items I already own! You can find her on this page I’ve linked her Instagram such a style Inspo page! She also has links to where she buys her items from!

Every day make up

Moisturiser both day and night is important. Make sure you find a moisturiser gentle enough for everyday use. I always try avoid touching my face as this causes breakouts and spread bacteria than can lead to scarring. I try to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. I exfoliate a couple of times per week not just my face my body needs it too.

I start off by prepping my face I cleanse which is CeraVe hydrating cleanser, Kiel’s ultra face toner then using my favourite moisturiser I use CeraVe as I have dry skin then I make sure to use la Roche posay spf.

So I like my make up to look more natural during the day just the glowy good skin and a nude lipstick with a gloss to finish! I contour very light so I use Mac bronzer as it’s not crazily pigmented whereas if I was to use bronzer for a more dressed up look I’d go in with huda beauty tantour and then a nars bronzer to give it more defined bronzer/contour look! I don’t really go hard with contouring for everyday so mac bronzer is perfect! With a Mac blush to get a sunkissed look! Aaah I love that! I apply Mac highlighter prep and prime I love that for brightening the under eyes and I use Laura mercier on top of that! I use a light weight foundation for my skin as I have dry skin also I like less coverage during the day so I stick to Mac studio fix fluid for that! I am the shade nc25/nc30. I also use mascara by kiko for my under lashes. And they you have it a very natural make up look but I use similar products but go more intense when I’m all dressed for an evening glam.

Day to night time shine up

For the evenings I like to completely layer on my make up, meaning I will use full coverage foundation this would be my huda beauty foundation I’m the shade amerati. I will conceal around my mouth using Kevin aucoin. I would them use huda beauty concealer I’m shade this is a very full coverage concealer so I’d use this under my eyes to make it look brighter as I like bright under eyes, I will go ahead and bake with huda beauty loose powder and leave it on there
Whilst I do the rest of my face.

I use huda beauty cream tantour. So like I said I literally layer on my make up I actually meant it. After that cream contour I apply another Mac bronzer to contour with and blend them both with an angled brush. I use brown shades for my eyes and create a Smokey eye but only a soft one and highlight my brow bone. For the brows I’ve been loving more of a fluffy natural look so I only use a brown pencil and brush I used to use Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade but I feel like that trend was like so 2018.

I use my Dior blush to creat a sun kissed look love that. I blend in my loose powder under my eyes using a beauty blender sprayed with Mac fix fluid setting spray, for lips i like ombré nude lips to create thy look I line with Mac Cork liner and then Mac velvet teddy and Mac honey love and Mac myth in the centre to lighten it. I finish off with Mac gloss. Sometimes when I feel like a bold statement lips then it’s Mac rubywoo I carry a miniature version In my clutch bag always when I’m out so I ca just pull it and and glam up my make up.

My fave Huda beauty products

These are my recent purchases from huda beauty products! Some I just had to repurchase! The loose powder huda beauty concealer amarati foundation and I’m trying out the huda beauty dusk palette! I already have the naughty palette and I fall in love with it so now I just had to get my hands on the dusk palette! I’m in love!

So the craziest thing about this foundation happens when you set it with powder. Not only does it look a lot better but it becomes transfer proof. And I mean it. Most foundations can't or don't become transfer proof for me even with powder so when this happened with this foundation I was shook. Like, really shook. I had to really rub at the foundation to get any to come off and that's insaneee to me. Even foundations that promise transfer resistance or whatever don't give me that so I am very surprised.definitely full coverage and does oxidise and become a lot darker which I found very annoying infact. I will be keeping that one for my clients. I will have to buy a lighter shade.

Huda beauty’s loose powder is the best powder I have ever used. Until recently I've always used Laura Mercier's loose setting powder as it was hailed to be the holy grail. And I did like it, but Huda's product takes it to a whole new level. It is super fine, weightless, feels like silk against your skin. Sets makeup amazingly and lasts a very long time. It does not emphasise dry patches and never looks cakey.

Huda beauty concealer has is a super concealer/ brightened for your under eyes! Really helps conceal dark circles but brightens without looking chalky! My new favourite..but I am dying to try tarte concealer next!

Having not tried a Huda Beauty palette before this really blew me away, the pigmentation is incredible and the blendability is unlike any palette I’ve used before, so complimentary to every skintone and always inspiring, with this palette you’ll never fail to find a look. Super wearable colours can’t wait to use this palette over again!

La Roche posay sunscreen

I have been really impressed. I have light skin and spend a lot of time outdoors all year round, so the high SPF is important to me but I don't want a product that feels heavy or greasy. This product is so light and easy to apply. It absorbs nicely, without any stickiness or greasiness and leaves my skin looking healthy and hydrated, and feeling supple and cared for. I've used it on sunny days, and cloudy, to protect my skin and I had no redness or visible signs of sun exposure.
I also liked that, used as the final step in my daily skincare routine, it didn't adversely affect any makeup I used on top. My makeup applied as it usually does but this Anthelios Fluid gave me a more glowy finish, which boosted my sometimes dull skin. It's also great on no makeup days for giving my complexion a healthy looking boost.

You can purchase this from

Kevin Aucoin sensual skin enhancer

This product has a lot of versatility. You can wear it at full concentration to spot conceal or as an all over full coverage foundation. You can also sheer it out with moisturizer or primer for lighter coverage.

Right out of the container it's full coverage. I can cover my redness without color correcting beforehand, and it evens out any discoloration. As an all over foundation I apply it with a damp sponge and/or a dense foundation brush. At full concentration it does need more blending time, but once you work it in it's seamless. I use a light hand with application and the finish is beautiful and natural looking. It wears very well too, with none of my redness peaking through.

Diluted with moisturizer, primer or sunscreen you can make it sheer to medium coverage. It builds very nice too, and blends easier once sheered out.

I enjoy using this product on days I don't want to color correct my redness, or if I'm taking photos. The product comes in a small container, and is pretty pricey for the amount you get. However, this goes such a long way. The teenist amount is all you need. Even with a lot of use the full sized container lasted me almost two years.

This is my favorite base product from Kevyn Aucoin. It has flexible coverage, a nice finish and wears very well throughout the day. Keep an eye out for sales as well. I've gotten it discounted at look fantastic (10% off your favorites), 20% off on Black Friday.

Dior blush

This dior blush is beautiful it wears very well on my dry skin and how they packaged it was stunning as if I bought a bag I am going to buy the other color that is how much I love this blush I wish they would make other colors too! Percfect rosey glow

My favourite top make up pick for travelling

Escape to the sunset!

In the summer or when I’m on holiday I like to match up my make up with my dresses/outfits and add glow to my cheekbones usually it’s the Mac highlighter.

Recently I’ve been loving eye make up whether it’s eye lashes or eyeshadows! I love creating cut creases in brown shades with a bright lip or bright eyes with nude lips as you can’t have both I personally will choose one or the other.

Here are a few products that are must for me when Im on holiday! I have linked where you can also purchase them from.

A good body oil is essential

Nip and fab

I purchased this body oil and I absolutely love it, it’s the perfect summer glow and I’ve had so many compliments on how the tan looks so natural and glowy it’s streak free, I won’t be using anything else!

Eyeshadow palletes

The pigment in these are amazing. Great for summer to match up with your outfits and when you got a nice tan glitter ones are my favourite so sparkley. most - I was so drawn to the warm burnt oranges and rich coppery tones. It is consistent with other Huda 9 pan obsessions palettes in formulation - always buttery matte shadows and beautiful smooth and non chunky shimmer shadows.

Really gorgeous buttery soft palette with great pigment in the matte shades. I personally found the shimmers to be a little dusty and work better if you wet your brush with setting spray first, then apply the shimmers, that really makes them pop! Overall a great palette for both everyday looks and evening glam


Dolce Gabbana L'Imperatrice

This perfume has a succulent exotic fruits and bright pink florals give way to a musky, appetite-arousing base.

This fragrance is beautiful. Smelling it all day long makes one happy. It’s sweet but not so sweet, it has a mild grapefruit hint but not too much. Overall, it’s very balanced and delightful.

Very summery I love it and it makes me smile it’s like summer joy in a bottle.

Top tips for perfect bridal skin and hair

bridal glam

These are my top tips for Brides to be as I know every bride needs a special regime when it’s coming up-to to their big day!

Layer your skincare regime

Every bride needs to set herself a correct skincare routine to achieve that glow.
Cleanse in the evening you need to be using a double cleansing balm or oil cleanser this will get rid of any dirt.
Eye creams to be applied. For the morning a hydrating eye gel I recommend LANEIGE WATER BANK EYE GEL. Eye gels are wonderful in the morning to smooth, refresh, and help diminish AM puffiness Origins - Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff for eye cream.
Serums are very important moisturiser to lock products you have used this doesn’t need to be so expensive I love la Roche posay toleriane ultra fluid.
SPF this protects skin from damage and ageing I recommend la Roche posay my fave.

Hydration is key during the lead of to your wedding!

The power of drinking water and the positive side affects it can have on your skin and you overall health. Your skin is the largest organ in your body drinking water is the most anyway to get that beaming, glowing and healthy skin.

Many people tighten their skin by water drinking water by drinking water day in ad day out can tighten your skin and maintain a healthy glow. It reduces wrinkles, prevents pimples and acne if you lack elasticity in your skin it may be that you are dehydrated so keep drinking and hydrate your skin. So there you have a a easy way to avoid crack and blemishes. Get drinking!

Hair cuts to avoid before your big day

Try to getting a fresh cut just before your big day a fresh cut will make your hair blunt, this will make it harder for the hair stylist to mould the hair into place. Best thing would be to allow enough time between your last cut and your wedding day cut. You should be getting your hair trimmed every six weeks. For any bridal hairstyle the ends of the hair need to be in the best condition damaged hair and split ends make it hard to get a clean finish. You should wash your hair on the morning of your wedding day and don’t forget to use conditioner. When you wash your hair the balance of shampoo will open the hair cuticle when you use conditioner is closed the hair shaft again leave the outer layer smooth. You should still allow for the volume at the roots for the hairstylist to create amazing hairstyles.

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