Let’s connect !

Purpose fuels passion

Hi I’m Agustina, I am an 18 year old that is building her empire and using all that fire that is inside of her . My purpose and happiness is mentoring boss babes all around the world (US, UK, Canada, Ireland & Poland) right from their very own phones.
Are you a student ?
A mom ?
A teacher?
A nurse?
That title doesn’t matter because we all want the same thing... the freedom to live without a boss and on your own terms. And that’s why I’m here to help you !

I recently graduated high school class of 2019 and didn’t get approved for financial aid nor any of the 60 scholarships I applied for. So I had to look for a full time job. I wasn’t so happy with what I was doing and wasn’t able to save enough to go to school. My passion has always been to help others in any way I could, and this opportunity gave me exactly what I was looking for and I took the initiative. Helping people achieve their Hair/Skin goals, change theirs life around and an extra source of income as well.

Social media and network marketing are so big right now and it will only grow more from now. Are you a dreamer or a go-getter? Because I’m looking to work with people who have the dream, the hustle, the mindset, and will go for it !

Clean beauty products, taking that leap of faith, traveling often, and so much more is what I’m offering you. So maybe it’s time to make that change for that dream life you want. This opportunity is a lottery ticket right in front of us. Let’s create & connect ♡