Bob-a-Mas! Part II

More Bob! More Joy! Happy B Day Beebs!

About two dozen of y’all, friends, fam and colleagues, made a BOB-a-Mas ornament for Bebe last Christmas. We are grateful. Her birthday is next Monday, August 16, and it would be grand if y’all would just do a piece Bob Art for her big day next week. It could be a picture, a doodle, a strange 3D ornament (extra points for googly eyes).

Garth Jennings, director of Sing, did a grand pic of the dogs for her and it’s now one of her favorite things. Seriously? Yep. Way to go art school nerds. Use a source pic of BOB from @ohheyimbob on the gram and send to me, text or email, and I’ll print out. Got it? It’s simple. It’s important. We’d love to have a party but you know… COVID. Fffffffck.

Thank goodness for BOB.

1. Find a Bob pic at @ohheyimbob on insta! —

2. Make a Bob-a-Mas ornament! August whatever’s.

You can customize a photo. You can draw Bob. You can make a figurine ornament. Realistic. Abstract. Street Art. Hyperrealism. Bauhaus. Any style that tells Bebe it’s from you. A two-sentence max note for the back is a really good idea. Hint.

You can drop on our LA porch or email me your work at:

Text pix to 213.280.3149.


Bob is eternal, but Her bday is just a few days away as of this writing. So let’s get things out by Saturday?

I’ll glue digital copies to a backing and hang them (no promises I won’t add glitter and and a paper plate sprayed in silver paint with macaroni glued on for 3rd grade-style bling). The point is you care and are willing to share. I’m telling you she’s gonna happy cry, a lot, over this.

DRAW THE BOB LOVE. CRAFT, damn it! Show your love for her with pipe cleaners, markers and cotton balls. Anything—no matter how good or how bad. Look at what our amazing friends and neighbor Lauren did with a pumpkin! A pumpkin!!!

Let’s make this shit year a little less shit year and make my girl cry because of a silly, silly art made from your heart.

Thank you for all the Bob-a-Mas (and Bebe) support.



Woolly Bob

Who doesn’t want this as an ornament?

Woolly Bob

Underbite w/Dog

Bob’s teefers! You jealous of that smile!!!



Immortalize the beast with your talent. An Oscar was easy next to this Herculean task!

I will eats you!