About My Page <3

Read About my page if your new!

Hi! I’ve seen you have found my website by my tiktok or just randomly! My name is Adeliz and im the owner/runner of multiiconx fanpage! Im 11 with the help of my 14 year old sister running the account with me. I would just like to say my page is full of positivity ONLY , please don’t spread any hate nore bully people . I stated in Early Late October 2020 and ever since this has become a huge priority in my life! Im more about the postive then the negative but i know sometimes people are going through some tought things which is what we’re gonna talk about right now! My dms are open to everyone even if i’m not following them back, I leave them open for collabs, buisness, and most important to talk with you guys! Interacting with fans is a huge part when it comes to this type of stuff and that’s why I like to help. Sorry for this being so long but I hope you have an amazing day and I cant wait to see what YOU become in the future! xoxo: multiiconx

Tips for running a fanpage :)

Tips that MAY help you when new to fanpages.

1 - Stick to ONE main thing . What I mean by one main thing is to ask yourself if you want to be an editor or aesthetic/cafe fanpage. A lot of people choose this by seeing what’s easiest for them.

2 - If your making an aesthetic/cafe type of fanpage i suggest sticking to ONE theme for atleast 4 weeks . Changing your theme will make your followers loose interest into your videos just because it’s way to much .

3 - When being an editing fanpage edits take time . Your edit may not blow up the first time but if you take the time to put work and effort into it all of the time you put into it will pay off sooner or later!

4 - If you want to try and get on the For You Page use trendy hashtags, sounds, questions, ect. By this im meaning maybe scroll through your fyp and find some things that are either going viral or trendy such as a sound. An example is Miraculous Lady Bug! Its very trendy with edits, sounds, and fanpages! If it’s something you like you can try it out but only do it if it works for YOU.

5 - A lot of times learning to edit is very difficult! After reading this there will besome tutorial links on themes, editing transitions for beginners, and much more! If you ever neee any help always remeber that my dms are open to EVERYONE and i will always help you out!