My simple daily mumcare treats

This mum gig is f#%king .......

..amazing, hard, exhausting, satisfying, heart exploding, tear jerking, patience testing, all the above!

It’s so hard to put into words exactly the feels of being a mum - and my mum experience is so different to my besties or my own mums! All I know is that almost every mum spends her days putting the needs of a small human/s before her own and it comes to a point were the needs of mummas are forgotten!

My journey to mumcare has only started recently as like most mums the needs of my babe came before my own! To say the mum burnout hit hard is probably the biggest understatement of the century 🤦🏼‍♀️
Looking after a premie babe, running a successful events biz, working part time and trying to be a loving wife to my amaze balls hubby - got the best of me!! Covid hit and as with the rest of the world forced me to stop, which as I reflect now, was exactly what this mumma needed. Time to reflect and make changes in my daily life to be able to be the best version of myself!!

So while I have been on the path to mumcare, it dawned on me that I simply cannot be the only mumma bear who has worn herself down, in turn we now have mumcare perth!

I want to share my journey and what I have implemented to hopefully help another mum to be able to put herself first - not all day every day but for a moment or 2 every day!!

Now my mumcare journey started simply with washing my face morning and night - I know simple as f#%k right but for me it was something I had stopped doing!!! Pre babe I used a billion different lotions and potions, my makeup was always schmiko and I absolutely loved pampering myself, it was never a chore! Bub comes and all that stopped! It became a chore and so I stopped doing it all together!

Now I know not every mum is a skincare enthusiast like I so below is a list of some simple mumcare daily treats that mummas can implement into their days!!!

Simple skincare pick me up

Like I said, stopping for legit 1 minute to wash my face is were mumcare started for me!!!
I decided on IRYNA skincare as it is natural, vegan, clean, simple skincare! I knew if my son got into it there would be no trips to emergency to have his stomach pumped, if touched my face afterwards he wasn’t going to burn him or be to harsh on his delicate skin and it is literally 3 steps! Cleanse & tone in 1, serum and moisturiser and bam all done!! For days when I needed a little extra, there is a rose quartz qua sha with directions to give myself (and generally hubby too) a quick facial massage!!

Post skincare, my skin glowed, looked plump and in turn just made me feel bloody good and isn’t that what selfcare is meant to do!!? Make us feel good!!

Get outside

Sounds to easy right!!!

For me, we would just live in our lounge room!! It’s where all the toys are, tv is, the couch 😍
But something has to be said for a daily dose of vitamin D!! For us we started just having lunch or morning tea outside to soak up a few minutes of sunshine and have now slowly progressed to hours of outdoor time!!
Yes, the kiddo comes with but it still feels good for my soul to soak up a few moments of sunshine! I take a minute, bare feet in the grass facing the sun and breathe it in! My hubby taught me this one!! A mumcare moment and a happy child playing outside - that’s called a win in my books!!

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