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Welcome to my little corner of the big wide web.
Here you will find the ins and outs of who I am and what I do & all the exciting things I have coming up like events and circles.

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I’m a mumma of two wild girls, a lover, a soul supporter of women & light worker of the universe.
Self proclaimed fierce feminist, even anyone who knows me would totally agree.
If there is a debate about human rights or equality, you bet I got something to say....
My Mumma raised me to be proud of having a strong voice, and guided me in using it to make an positive impact.

I think this is a top trait for being a doula - knowing I have so much heart but still knowing how to hustle and do the damn things in a respectful way where people hear me, feel me and know what’s up.

I am passionate about showing up and supporting the women who are ready to say YES to the big work. Who are ready to wholefully know themselves and dive deep into their Inner work. I believe the biggest work we do as women, is through the birth portal. You don’t just have to be physically pregnant to birth - as women we are constantly rebirthing at a rapid rate. With every moon and cycle that we bleed, we birth. For every break-up, breakthrough, we are birthing. Every creative flare, or when we’re vulnerable and bare - we are birthing. It’s our magic super power as women. We are the feminine divine who have the privilege of operating from the womb space.
When we learn to harness our crazy womb magic, a whole new realm of possibility awaken.

I truely believe in divine alignment, and what ever it was that bought you here, trust that you are here for all the right reasons.
Whether you’re here to engage in my doula services, or other offerings like reiki and card readings, I know that we have to potential to make potent magic together.

“So, how did she get here ?”

I’ve really been a light worker and soul supporter since I landed back on this planet, in this lifetime. My soul is 3000 years old, but I know I keep coming back to show up and support women through their biggest portal - birth.

My story into doula work began 6 years ago, while navigating my own journey of a first pregnancy. I was young and naive on how ‘this all worked’ I was scared, and had a lot of questions - too many for a short appointment with a GP or public hospital midwife.... but I knew I wanted more then the birth stories that a broken society sold to me.

Something inside of me ignited in this time of pregnancy - maiden to mother, the mumma was born.

At 30 weeks I hired a doula, got onto the CMP program and went on to have an empowering first birth at 18, at home, all natural, feeling like a boss queen.
I fought so hard to have this birth, and I always questioned why that was...

A whole, massively huge year later and I was well on the way of doula training with a toddler under my wing, smashing life, just us two.

Little did I know, the love of my life would fall into my heart and not long after bless me a second baby.
The universe was like “yeah, life doesn’t go to plan, remember? We have a way more aligned pathway for you and this is just the beginning”

This second pregnancy was so trying, to put it lightly. I suffered horrendous HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum , an all day nausea sickness) & trying to study with a toddler on my lap, navigating a new relationship and all the glorious lessons that it brings... it was tough. Yet, it was exactly the energy I needed - to feel tried and tested by the universe time and time again to gain all the tools and skills I needed for this next birth.

I went on to have another empowering birth experience with my breech baby, in hospital, all natural surrounded by chosen birth team.
Again fighting the system SO HARD and wondering why my choices about my body, baby and birth we’re questioned and augmented?

I knew there was more. It’s lead me right here living my dream of serving women as light worker. Supporting women and their families to make proactive & informed decisions around their birthing choices - The doula was born.

In the last 6 years of invested thousands of hours and dollars into studying / training to be here, sharing my magic with you.
I have been attending births throughout 2020.
I have also opened up other avenues to access more support to women beyond labour & birth.
I have since completed reiki training and now offer this and card readings to any womb-n that are looking to engage in my energy.

Through the learning, and layers of understanding ‘birth’ I have come to know that birth isn’t just experienced by the pregnant woman.

Women birth & rebirth at a rapid rate, all the time. We are constantly dying to be reborn.
This has taken me to a place and space of offering my doula support beyond pregnancy, labour, birth & postpartum.

I am here to radically revolutionise birth within women and their family’s to co-create a new reality for our children and all women - because peace on earth begins with BIRTH.

I’m bringing doula work back baby
To the wild women
To the maidens
To the go getters
And the for-seers
For the rebellions
For the witches
For the mothers
For the daughters
For all women in the big work feeling the womb shift, transformation or rebirth.

Because no matter where you are at on your journey, you too deserve to be held, seen, nurtured, LOVED and validated.

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Offerings & Exchanges

All the ways you can currently access my support

The current offerings I have available are -

• Card readings ( 60 minute session )

• Reiki ( 90 minute session )

• Power pack ( 2 hours session)
- card reading + reiki + more !

• Birth & postpartum Doula Services,
-More information on the next page

• Mumma’s mini doula services
- more information on the next page

• Birth pool hire
- Email only for interest + EDD for me to check availability of hire

If one of these offerings is feeling aligned or you just want some more information, you can click the link at the bottom of the page 👇🏽👇🏽
This will take you to my booking system - where you can read all about what each session entails, prices, check out my availability and book your session.

***coming soon***

The Birth folk - monthly in-person meet up’s for birth workers. Workshops. Collaboration. Perth’s hot spot for alternative pregnancy & birth information & resources + so much more.

Sister circles - by appointment only.
Gather your sisters in celebration full of magic, fun, food, laughter, light and soul love.

1:1 Pregnancy embodiment sessions - an opportunity to meet the essence and energy of your labour woman. Coming out of our heads and letting our hearts lead the way through an embodiment of song, dance, magic and ritual to meet the energy of your labouring mumma.

Group pregnancy embodiment session
- coming 2021

I believe so strongly in collaboration over competition. If you have any creative ideas along the lines of what I do I would LOVE to know. You can catch me at;

The process

A break down of how to engage in Mumma’s doula services

My mission as a doula, is to radically revolutionise birth and empower families.

Peace on earth begins with birth - and the way our babies are being born matters so deeply. The way that women are feeling while birthing their babies, matters more then we know. It’s 2020 and we’ve only just started having this conversation...

I am here to co-create a new normal, where Birth is held as the sacred and ritualistic right of passage, as it’s meant to be. No matter how you bring your baby into the world, you deserve to feel empowered, seen and heard.

My passion as your doula is soulfully holding and supporting you as you navigate informed decision making around your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

I will guide you as we unfold what birth, and being a women really means.

I will witness you as you peel back the layers and uncover your inner goddess, and hold you as your learn to harness your newfound magic.

Regardless of where you are at in your ages and stages of womenhood - I will meet you right where you are and love on you unconditionally.

No matter what birth path you have chosen, wether it be a home birth, planned c-section, empowered hospital birth or free birth - you deserve to have a supportive and safe team around you hearing your every important wish, desire and boundary.
You need to be taken for the whole women you are while voicing any of these...

Who is going to really HEAR you in that place ?

Who is going to truly SEE you for all that you are, and all you are becoming ?

Your doula, that’s who.

Choosing the right birth team is such a sacred & ritualistic process.
This requires big questions and conversations with the whole family.
Aligning with the perfect doula is a vital part of this process, which is why I have chosen to operate my workflow in this way -

Book a FREE zoom call,
Yep that’s right, free.
This gives you a chance to let me know your pregnancy to postpartum wishes and ask me any questions you may have about my services. This call is for us to ‘catch a vibe’ for each other to see if we’re the right match.
You can book this tree bottom of this page.

*** Please note, this call is NOT to create a birth map, birth plan or information on birth education.
If you are interested in any of these mini services, you can book a separate zoom call which is charged at an hourly rate.

Please email me and subject ‘Mumma’s mini offerings’ to find out more and book your call.

from here you have 7 days to discuss your decision with the appropriate people, shop around and check out some other local doula’s.
If you decide before the 7 days that you want to hire me as your birth bestie, simply email me - and we go into ...

Your contract will be sent to you with all the information.
Once you have signed and returned your contract, along with your deposit, we will book our fist catch up & begin our journey together.

It could* look a little like this,

*please note; this is simply an outline of what my offerings are currently.
Within your free zoom meeting, we will discuss in which ways I can best support you and show up as your doula. This may open you up to a ‘Customised package’
Take note of the elements listed here, and know we can build from this -

Discovering what you know about pregnancy, and what you want YOUR journey to look like throughout your pregnancy. We chat about ways to keep you nourished and supported, as well as your baby. We also go over you ‘desired dream birth’ to really get down to what is important to you, so we can build on this for our second meet which will be...

Labour and birth doesn’t always go to ‘plan’ right? In order to be well prepared, we will be creating a birth map together. This ensures you are well informed on all the ways birth can unfold. If the universe decides that you are needing to travel an alternative pathway to birth your baby then what you have prepared for, birth mapping can save the risk of birth trauma by making decisions from a place of informed consent and educated choices. We go through and discuss choices, benefit and risk around alternative birth pathways, anything from a fast unassisted birth, to an emergency C-section.
We do this to ensure you know your rights, and I as your doula know your wishes and what is important to you. So no matter what situation we end up in together, I can continue to maintain your sacred requests and hold the space that is most important to you.
We are not just mapping for birth, but for you to have a supported, and nourishing postpartum experience too. Extending this right into parenthood - ‘cause ain’t no hood like parenthood... am I right ? Being mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the foundations you want to lay as a parent, and how to achieve your goals will help keep your heart and mind focused through all the big feels that come with being a mumma.

Calling in the labour women.
Have you ever tried embodiment before? Maybe your new to this, maybe your a pro.
Wherever you are at on your self development journey, this can be a really fun and ecstatic way to embody YOUR labour woman. Have you met her before? Maybe you know your labour women, and just want the opportunity to kiss her and welcome in her powerful energy. Or maybe, your want to rewrite the story of your labour woman, calling in the powerful labouring goddess you know you are. This can be a way to reclaim what is rightfully yours as you prepare to enter the labour and birth space.
This can be especially powerful for maidens, or women who have not given birth before. It can be a ritualistic way to set intentions for your labour and birth space, and call in your birthing goddess.
This sessions are very much based around ceremony and celebration of you as a Mumma. Within this session some very powerful energy can shift and come forth - I have even done one of these sessions where the mumma set her intentions to meet her baby, she was ready... and mumma went into labour the very next day.
Within this session, we will be shifting through and bringing forth whatever magic it is you need to enter labour land feeling safe, secure, supported and ready.

• ON CALL ( from 37 weeks ) -
‘On call’ means I’m ready to get ‘the call’ from you. I have childcare in place, ready to grab my doula basket and be with you ASAP

I am with you from when you call me in labour, till after birth. I usually stay anywhere from 2-4 hours after birth, depending on what is happening within the space. Within our prenatal (pregnancy) sessions, we outline and map out all the ways I can support you within your birth space. This can and does look different for all mumma’s, as Birth is such a unique experience, so is the love and care I provide as your doula in this space.

Your postpartum support begins around 48hours after birth. We take this with ebbs and flows and assess when is best for me to pop around and love you up. Example, you may have extensive support from your partner, family or community for the first 6 weeks. Which means doula support would be more valuable to you after then.
Or, you may want to use your postpartum sessions back to back, seeing me weekly from birth. This really is up to you, and we navigate this at the time as well as preparing in our birth mapping sessions.

With options of to add extra;

- Additional pregnancy sessions

- Pregnancy celebration circles
(a new normal of a traditional baby shower)

- Additional postpartum sessions

- Postpartum nurture circles
(A new normal of traditional baby shower, only in postpartum celebrating mum and new baby)

Price points are discussed in our zoom chat / email or sent in your contract.
Payment plans are available on all my doula services and offerings.

Don’t forget you can also email me to gain access into ‘ Mumma’s mini services ‘ a 1:1 zoom call where we will -
• Go over your options of care providers
• Discuss birth options & education
• Create a birth map
• Debrief past birth experiences
• Get a chance to pick my doula brain + get access to some of my PDF resources like labour positions and birth affirmation card

These sessions would suit anyone who is NOT looking for labour / birth support OR distant clients who are not from Perth, WA but want to have access to my support.

To register for ‘ Mumma’s Mini Services ‘
Email me -

You can book your FREE zoom call below

To get a glimpse at my current doula availability swipe to the next page.

I have flexibility within my offerings so most women can have access to my services. If you have any creative ideas that are not listed here,
I would love to hear from you. If you have any further questions or would just like to have a chat, please email me at

I so look forward to hearing all about you, supporting you and becoming apart of your team.

Peace on earth begins with birth - which is why I am radically transforming the way we birth, so we can co-create a better tomorrow; today.

Let the way of empowered birthing women, and community living be our new normal.

Photo credit - @wild.flow.her

Mumma Doula - availability

My availability for birth attendance

‘On call’ life can be as demanding as it is rewarding, especially with two young babes at home.
The unpredictability of birth means I have to be ready and available to literally drop & run.
This is why I go ‘on call’ at 37 weeks, so I can be ready for THE call’

I have childcare in place to go at anytime of the day or night, and make sure I’m ready to completely show up for you.

With the attention to detail that goes into my work, I only take on 1-2 birthing clients per month. This ensures that I have the time, space and availability to really be there for you and with you when you need it most - nor just in the birth space but for those late night questions running through your mind, or to celebrate you as you navigate this exciting journey.
I can do all of this, and still have the energy, love and time for myself and my family by only taking on 1-2 birthing clients per month

Balance in these area’s is how I avoid burn out and keep myself passionate + flowing with abundance and gratitude.

Here is the d-low of my availability -

December 2020 - BOOKED

January 2021 - one space available

February 2021 - BOOKED

March 2021 - two space’s available

April 2021 - BOOKED

May 2021 - one space available

June 2021 - one space available

July 2021 - TIME OFF

If my availability doesn’t link up with yours, remember that I have ‘Mumma’s mini services’ on offer, in which you can purchase prenatal and/or postpartum support without birth attendance. If this sparks your interest simply email me at

Trust in the divine alignment and listen deeply to your intuition when choosing your birth team.
- Your body knows -

You can also book you FREE zoom call using the link below. Together we can discuss and work out the right kind of support for you and your family.

Breech birth story -

How this powerful goddess came into the world like it was everybody’s buiness