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My background is studying and working part time. I ended up working a full time retail job, however I felt overworked, and underpaid and searched for a way to supplement my income.

At the time, in 2016, I took the plunge and couldn’t be more grateful. Within 3 to 4 months of doing NM around my retail job, having no time but made some time, I was able to resign and left because I wanted to work on my own terms and be rewarded for that.

During sometime in my journey, I found myself going through a tough time with many challenges, being a single mum in 2018, with only a business I could run. When many would quit by then, I knew the potential and kept going.

Right now, I am happily married, living in our own apartment in process of buying our first home. I am currently pregnant 🤰with baby no. 2 and working this business in my own terms paying bills, electricity, groceries, holidays and so much more.

Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a way to supplement your income around your current commitments?

The business 👩‍💼 can be done around your kids, family, full time - part time work, and other commitments.

Money from this business is uncapped & it’s not required to have a large following! Yes, that’s correct! Plus, no experience is required, & we will show you how you can do business and grow a network!

Requirements :
• Ambitious
• Self motivated
• Action taker
• Success driven
• No excuses


It’s always better to get on a presentation before making a decision. We have a pre recorded 20 min business presentation that explain more about it. Contact me on Whatsapp below and I’ll share the business presentation with you!

Email : [email protected]
Mobile : +27 61 036 3594
IG : @mushfiqahvds
FB : Mushfiqah Van Der Schyff
Tiktok : mushfiqahvds
YouTube : Mushfiqah Van Der Schyff
South Africa