Cleaning advice for my young friends

Let's face it, I'm not the only Millennial that hates cleaning. But now your out of the house and the fact is, you're the one that has to do it. So how do you clean when you don't want to clean? Read this post for 3 tips to make your cleaning day faster and more enjoyable.

One: Make a list

My mom had us do something when we were young that I always found to be fun. We would get a piece of paper, sit down, look around the room, and find 20 things that had to be done, and write them down. Then when we found them, we did those things. This way of cleaning is so much more fun than ordinary ways of tidying up, and actually, way faster.

Two: Set a time limit

Another good way to clean up is to set a time limit. Clean for 10 minutes, take a break for 15. Now, this plan works well because you can change the time limits for how much time you have, to ensure the most productive time spent. Plus, it's not so exhausting like non-stop work. Only thing is, you have to make sure you are self disciplined enough to get back to work when the time is up. ;)

Three: TV or music

Whoever said cleaning can't be fun? Watch a movie, listen to music while you work. Have fun. And that will make cleaning both more enjoyable, and more productive.


Becoming a confident adult

Every teen faces it: the fear of becoming an adult. Not having your parents make all your decisions or tell you what to do is both freeing and terrifying.

As a missionary kid, I spent the first 18 years of my life with my parents 24/7. But now, I have to step out on my own.

Follow my journey and who knows, I might have a gem to offer here and there. ;)

A girl on wheels —

Just a little bit about me

First, Some Background

I guess to make a blog post about yourself you have to start from the beginning. I was born September 1st, 2001 in Greenville, South Carolina. I was the second child in my family, born to a preacher and his wife. When I was two, we moved into our first trailer, a 29 ft, 240 sq ft. trailer. And we lived in it for 8 years. My parents surrendered to the Helps ministry, and we started traveling on and off for a few years, until my dad decided to quit his job and start the ministry full time.

Full-Time Ministry

At first we traveled just near us, from Georgia to St. Louis, and other places within that. But then we were asked to go to a revival, and we went to South Dakota for the first time in 2007. Rapid City, SD was the first town we went to there. We spent more and more of our time there in South Dakota, and soon we spent on average 2 to 3 months there every year (although not in the same towns). Then we branched farther outward, until we had been to every state in the west excluding California.

We were in roughly 40 churches a year, for usually a week at a time. Staying busy all the time was a lot of fun. But it could get tiring, although vacation was never an option. In fact, the first time we went on vacation was in 2016!

Tent Ministry

My dad had been friends with Van Billingsley since they were in college. Well when Bro. Can closed the mission church he had had, dad had a proposition for him. Having a tent ministry had always been a burden on my dad's heart, but with the trailer, it wasn't an option, as we had no way to carry it.

Bro. Van enthusiastically agreed. We quickly raised the money, and bought the tent in 2012. I was saved in one of our tent meetings in Alabama on April 19th, 2015. We continued to have tent meetings, reaching all the way up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The tent meetings we had were some of the best times of my life.

More to come

Well, that was all I had time to write right now, but I'll be following up with more soon! While you wait, here's a nice picture to look at. ;)

The story in Toy Story 4

I'm currently watching Toy Story with my youngest brother, and I noticed something about Woody's character development. This probably isn't original with me (I did notice it on my own though).

The first Toy Story movie was made in 1995, while this movie was made in 2019. That's a 24 year span. So, as you can see, the kids who were little when they first watched Toy Story, are grown now.

While Monsters University was made for the college-age kids, I believe Toy Story 4 was made for the parents of those kids.

Woody has seen "his kid" (Andy) grow from a little boy to a college kid. And now, even though he has a new kid, he feels useless. He misses Andy, and he wants to be with him, even though he knows he can't. Sound familiar?

This whole movie shows the process a parent goes through when their children leave their life to begin their own. They've just lost something that gave them purpose for the last 18+ years, and now they have to move on.

I know this has to be a hard time, and I really think Disney did a good job of showing a parent's journey through Woody.

What do you think?