Hi! I'm Thomas - an independent electronic artist hailing from the Philippines.

Mainly i make electronic music and it's other derivative forms. My music aims to encompass and distill my love for noise and artificial sounds with my attraction with the natural and the atonal

I've been making music for over three years, using the only equipment i have, my phone. My earlier projects dabbled in electronic, industrial, shoegaze and dreampop.

Upon listening to the music of Taylor Swift and listening to how passionate she is describing it's process - from merely conceiving a song to giving life it it with melodies and production i was immediately hooked. Years passed as fall deeper and deeper into the depths of music and music production.

Now influenced with the works of ARCA, SOPHIE, Bjork, Kate Bush and many others.

I aim to make the best possible music i can. Turning generic or unpleasant sounds to forms of claustrophobic and sweet art.

After my debut project's release "SLOW FALL" i felt the need to navigate and explore a new sound and furbish the vision i originally had intended for it. With that goal in mind i strived and strived to better understand the sound i want and let the music translate and channel itself, the result is my sophomore record "Mis" out now on all stores.

Delivering my first EP, [mail] delves further in the hallmarks of folktronica, experimental, noise and electronic sounds i came through with 2021's Mis now laced with lyrics about existential frustration, pessimism and heartbreak fed through an abstract lense with a similarly abstract and off the wall instrumental backing.