Sins At St. Joseph’s Academy

The Fallen | 1

The Fallen
Beautiful. Brutal. Wicked as sin.
Five guys with the power of ten, and a burning desire to take me down.
They rule the school with cast iron fists, and stone cold hearts.
But the more they push me away, the more our destinies intertwine.
We’re thrown together by chance, bound by circumstance, and held by desire.
Our story is one of lies, revenge, blackmail, and blood.
The Fallen won’t be stopped, but nor will I.
So in the end, will the mighty be fallen?

♟High school bully
♟Elite Catholic boarding academy
♟Powerful alpha dogs
♟A$$hole H
♟Secrets, lies, intrigue
♟Drama, angst, revenge
♟Cameo from a certain star of a previous bully series

About MV

MV ELLIS is well qualified to write happy ever afters—she lives her own every day. She followed her heart halfway around the world when she moved from London to Australia after a steamy holiday romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.
All that for a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours!

Turns out it was the best gamble she ever took, as she married said bass player, and still  lives in Sydney with him, their two kids, and their aging dog.

Ellis took another gamble in 2017 when she secretly penned her first novel, Catching London, a steaming-hot rock star romance based on her experiences touring internationally as a ‘WAG’ (wives and girlfriends) with various bands, for her husband’s job. After receiving six publishing offers that book, it was released in 2018.

With a reputation for being a no-nonsense straight talker, it’s no surprise that her that her contemporary and new adult romance books are full of witty banter, and her badass alpha heroes always meet their match in her diverse cast of strong, kickass heroines. Turns out she likes chicks with a sting in their tail. Go figure! 

In short: she’s a bad bish, and so are her characters.

When she’s not writing, Ellis likes to hang with her kickass daughters, and go to gigs to watch her badass husband. She has also recently rediscovered her love of roller-skating, practicing as much as she possibly can.