Lil’ bit about me

College student x Licensed Veterinary Technician x Vet Student x Business Owner

I’m 22, a full time Veterinary Medical Student, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, from NY 🤎

I am someone who loves to keep busy but enjoy life while doing it. Someone whose drive comes from the passion behind my work + the future I want for myself. I love spending quality time with friends + family and truly just enjoying what the world has to offer.

Being a full-time college student, I felt like something was missing. I had my extra curriculars, friends, and fun, but I felt slightly unfulfilled. What was I missing?

That’s when my business was presented to me. A business opportunity to work from my phone, from anywhere I want, make an income, meet new people, travel for free, all while helping others. Sounded too good to be true...I was a huge skeptic.

All I knew was that I was missing something from my life and I was overworked and underpaid. I was the definition of a struggling college student! So, what’s better than having a job i didn’t have to worry about leaving campus for, clocking in for, compensating my studies or time for pay? All while allowing myself to travel, spend more time with family, and do all the things I felt I was missing… nothing beats that. That’s when I took the leap of faith and invested in myself to see it through.

If you’re looking for “‘more” — time, money, freedom, you’re in the right place.

You’re now one step closer to achieving your beauty & financial goals.

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Highlights of my life

Vegan x Anti-Aging x Nontoxic 🌱

My Personal Favorites for Hair x Skin

Give your hair and skin the attention it deserves.

Rejuveniqe Oil

A lightweight oil consisting of a mixture of botanical oils for 101+ uses. Healing hair and skin from the inside out due to the small molecular structure other oils don’t have. Fix the problem, don’t coat it!

30 Second Miracle

Botox in a bottle. Serum that does WONDERS for your bags, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet.

The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo that’s not flammable: no propane or butane, no toxic chemicals like over the counter dry shampoos. No white residue. Smells amazing! A dry shampoo that adds grit and volume without that gross crunchy feel because it’ll absorb the oil on your scalp, not mask it.

Did I mention it promotes growth?

Purifying apple cider vinegar scalp scrub

A scalp scrub? You guessed it! Sounds weird.. but oh my gosh, this product is a game changer. For those who tend to have dandruff or an oily scalp, this is the product for you! Works by removing pent up dirt and oil as well as product buildup for a breathable scalp! This is key to promoting growth and having soft, shiny hair, all while balancing out your oil production!