milkshake website!

• Milkshake website •

- welcome to my own milkshake website!

- here is some of the fonts I use and about my account!

I hope you enjoy my website! 🍧

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Milkshake website!

• Fonts! •

Here are my fonts that I also use in my videos! All you have to do to get them is on this link ( ) and search the font name up and save to your files. After that, save the fonts into vont and then your done! Here are the fonts down below.

- lemon milk bold

- chicken pie

- hipster icons

- cheeky rabbit

Those are all the fonts that I use in my videos! The cheeky rabbit font is just an extra since I see on lots of people’s videos that they have been asking for that font so I put it there! Have fun testing and using your fonts guys! 🍧

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Milkshake website!

• about my account! •

Here’s some good and bad facts about my account! They are down below.

- please don’t do any self promo on my videos ( only if I post a video and say that you can ) Also, no spamming my video and if you do any of these, you will immediately be blocked.

- give credits if you use my text and colouring theme! Feel free to use it still but give credits to me.

- I love every single one of my followers!! 🤍

- I have had this account for a long time now!

- no hate on my page, only positive things and make sure you keep it like that in my comment section please!

- I will do some giveaways maybe, when I hit a certain amount of followers.

- last but not least, make sure you love yourself and stay positive! :)

I hope you enjoyed the facts I said! You are worth it, mya loves you! Have fun on my account. 🍧

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