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Monat—Modern Nature

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I’m excited to share that recently I have been presented with an opportunity that encapsulates both pursuing paths I would have never before thought possible, and using only the best, natural products to maintain my hair & skin.

I have partnered with the #1 luxury hair company in North America, and am getting ready to run a business and make a side income all from my phone!

All Monat products are all natural, free of harsh chemicals, vegan and infused with a special oil designed to help your hair and your skin from the inside out!

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Mya Starz

About me.

Hey you, welcome to my site!

Thanks so much for hitting that link! My name is Mya Starz. I’m 18 years young and I’m from Ontario, Canada!

I’m currently enrolled as a Nursing student at Brock University, however I have always known that that is not the only direction I want to explore in life!

During quarantine, I’ve had the chance to focus on my passions—such as writing—and more importantly, on taking care of myself.

I’ve invested more time than I ever have into my bedtime routines, and my hair wash days. It’s a full-time job, and I know now that it’s so important to not let your time go to waste by putting the wrong things on your body!