I’m Mya. A fashion stylist who is passionate about helping you love the way you look. I believe every man/ women should feel there very best and I am going to help you dress in the way that’s authentic to who you truly are.

Fashion Consultation  —

The Fashion Consultation is the foundational experience for you to learn how to authentically express yourself through fashion. I will guide you through a series of questions and exercises to help you discover your personal style and learn how to dress your best with the body shape and coloring you naturally possess.

Your Fashion Consultation will include:

- Defining your personal style.
- List of sources and labels true to your personal style.
- Style icons to inspire your personal style.
- Body tip guide + list of best fabrics for your body.
- Body shape guide + list of flattering silhouettes for your shape.
- Body particulars guide to highlight or camouflage various body features.
- Body proportion guide.
- Body scale guide.
- Visual styling board expressing your personal style.

$ 300 per person
Up to 3 hours
$ 350 per person on Saturday’s

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Mini Styling Session

Mini Styling Session (1hr)

This service is for the guy or gal that wants some help tweaking their outfits. They know what they like. And have good pieces, but are sometimes challenged with putting it together.

Or some days outfits work great and others it’s a bit of a struggle, or something feels off but you can’t put your finger on it. This is the service for you.

Let’s spend an hour together on zoom and I’ll answer all your questions. One thing to keep in mind is lighting. The better the lighting, the better I’m able to see the garment and the better critiques I can make.

Ideally, you want the light source to come from behind your camera/ computer/ phone, not from behind you. If in doubt, please send me a photo and we can make adjustments before the zoom.

$100 for 1hr
We will meet virtually

The Special Occasion Outfit

1. We’ll chat to get the details of the occasion.
2. We’ll do some internet shopping to scope out what’s available.
3. We’ll do a little back and forth to see what’s speaking to you and what’s missing the mark.
4. Then, we’ll meet on zoom to do an abbreviated Closet Analysis and see what you have. Maybe you already have fabulous shoes or maybe you need some, this step let’s me know.
5. Finally, we’ll hit the stores (or the web) and try some things on.
6. Lastly, I’ll make sure you have all the pieces and parts to make it a complete outfit (shoes, bag, jewelry, even undergarments).
7. All you need to do is get dressed, show up and have fun at your event!

Services are billed on an hourly basis of $200/hour.

Photo shoot styling

- 2 styling sessions/ looks.
- I will help determine what your “style” is for the photoshoot and what colors will work the best.
- I will go through your wardrobe for the shoot with you, to figure out what can be used and what needs to be tailored or accessorized.
- Give suggestions for items to look for to complete looks.
- On average, clients complete the Prep and Style package with 5-7 looks using what they already own.

$150/ hr (virtually)