I love my Clubwagon.

I love it so much I named it. Her name is Scarlett JoVanssen.

Scarlett is a 1998 Ford E350 Super Duty XLT HD 15 passenger van. It has the 10 cylinder Triton engine. I acquired Scarlett in May of 2017, for $5000.

I bought Scarlett with a credit card. I was on the verge of bankruptcy. At the time, it was one of the most fiscally irresponsible things I’ve ever done as an adult. A year later we had filed for bankruptcy and our debts were forgiven… including the credit card debt that buying Scarlett added to. I basically got Scarlett for free. It turned out to be one of the most unintentionally shrewd financial escapades I will probably ever experience in my adult life.

I bought Scarlett in a moment of desperation, and in retrospect, unconscious hope. I could see our money problems turning into a tsunami we would not get out from under without extreme measures. I wanted to go on adventures - tame, modest family adventures - like camping, see the whole West Coast, travel to visit family. I wanted a stage coach that would carry all our shit on these vacations without having to cram 2 cars full of accessories. I was trying to simplify the logistics of vacations we were taking.

But this isn’t about me, whoever I am is not important. This is about the bulletproof workhorse of the American late 90s people moving vehicles that I could afford. This is as close to owning an RV as we will probably ever get.

Scarlett is a van, the only van I’ve ever owned. I can say that I love this van knowing full well it’s not healthy to have human feelings of affection for an inanimate object. I also love my Honda Fit, for a range of entirely different reasons. I am a practical, frugal person who drives a Fit every day because it is “enough” and gets great gas mileage. I am also a random middle aged person who bought a Ford megavan that gets abysmal gas mileage and only gets driven a few weeks a year to take us to exotic destinations that are all conveniently located along the coasts of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. I am comfortable with these opposing aspects of my character cohabitating in my braintubes.

I love my Clubwagon

Scarlett is my Muse.

Videos showing why I love my Clubwagon.

  1. Day 1 - May 2nd, 2017

I still love my clubwagon

I drove my Clubwagon today.

I love driving my Clubwagon. Whenever I get in it, I want to drive to some beautiful quiet location and sit next to my Clubwagon, watching the surf, or a campfire. Then, sleepy from all the relaxing, I crawl into my Clubwagon and take a nap. It's so cozy.

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