My colouring

I tell you how to do my colouring that I use in my edits.

My colouring: First open the app Ultralight. Click Edit at the bottom. Now there should be a triangle next to 2 circles (colouring stuff) and one large circle (vignette). Click it. On the top bar (clarity) you are going to slide it to the right until it says +5. Now underneath the clarity bar it should say sharpen. Slide that all the way to the left (it should say -10). Then down at the bottom click save. And then save it. The next app is PREQUEL. When you open the app click the plus at the bottom. Then select your video. Now on the side it should say Adjust. Click it. On the second circle should be contrast. Set it to -60. Next to it is highlights. Set that to -50. Slide over until you find vibrance. Put it to 25. Then slide until you find haze. Set to 25. Next to it should be glow. Put it at 25 as well. Then slide to the last circle which is blur. Put it to 25. Then save it at the top. Now go to the app Colourtone. Click video at the top. Then select your video. Scroll until you find the filter Bonnie. After you selected it, click it again. Slide the intensity bar to +0.25. Now at the bottom it should say exposure. Click it. Now slide the exposure bar to +0.82. Save it. Now you are done!