My essential rituals

I want to spread wellness and joy for everyone

My name is Michelle Jennings, I have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and teaching for over 20 years.

I love all things health and beauty, recently my attention has turned to the amount of toxins found in many beauty, and cleaning products.
This is leading to many health issues for lots of us, from skin issues, headaches and more serious diseases.

I have totally changed my lifestyle, I have gradually introduced non toxic products into all areas of my life.

To do this with ease I now purchase everything from Young living, I have subscribed to the monthly wellness box and I receive all the essentials I need for the month.

By subscribing, I receive points on my purchases and free products too. I was buying these essentials from supermarkets previously so this suits my life style perfectly.

Top quality, affordable, non toxic, plant based products to my doorstep monthly.

If you are a Young living customer and you would like to join the loyalty rewards program, it’s free to join, all you need to do is place a Monthly order of 50pv (product value) works out around £37 depending on what you buy.

108 Mala beads

Handmade with love from natural Rosewood Guru stone is clear quartz, essential oil vial

108 hand strung rosewood Mala beads, traditionally used in meditation and yoga, beautiful reminders to live life with purpose and intention.

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