Sharing all things Business, babies, healthy body and trying my best at the one thing that doesn’t really exist: balance

Hey, I'm Jules!
I left a 10-year career in corporate America as a Creative Director to start my second traditional business in hopes that I would create the life I knew I deserved and found myself in 40k in debt from credit card bills and school loans. I always had big dreams, but as I grew up, I started to ignore them. Life became less about changing the world and more about changing a tire in a car I couldn't afford.

I accepted that I wouldn't travel until my husband, Brandon, retired. If he saved up his sick days, we
might go on ONE fun trip a year. Yay.

I accepted that it would take us years to pay off my student loans. We could make our minimum payments if we stuck to a budget.

I accepted that I had married my best friend, only to see him on nights and weekends if I was lucky (since he was gone 200-300 days out of the year).

I knew I deserved More...

Especially after I slaved 10 years of my life away to the 9-5 pipe dream, left to start my own company with a handful of lessons learned from trusting wantrepreneurs, and spending thousands of dollars on courses and books. I was tired of spinning my wheels and was SO over reinventing the wheel. I had seen the success of other entrepreneurs online, and it lit a fire in me. I would constantly daydream about breaking free from corporate and eventually my business that no longer served me so I could be with my family.

I would listen to podcasts and read so many books and the dream felt more and more possible to me. But It all seemed too good to be true. These “entrepreneurs” were able to work from anywhere in the world (as long as they had wifi). They worked their own hours, made a ton of money, and were able to impact thousands of people through their businesses. I felt like they just got lucky. I honestly didn't believe it was possible for us

My Turning Point:

I invested money that we didn't even have into a business and mentor, who could show us how to make it happen. Timing didn't make sense. But I went for it anyway. I sacrificed time going out with complacent friends, with my mentors and personal development. It was not easy. And six months in, I matched our monthly income and doubled it 11 months later. All by following a proven system that they guaranteed would work and retired my husband 6 years early from the military.

After freeing myself from the false promise a college degree gets most people, I have become obsessed with empowering those that want more out of life, that want to serve at a higher level and value their time with their family...to break away from the daily grind and live a truly abundant life by earning residual income. Money isn't everything, but it gives you more CHOICES.

If I can do it, then you definitely can too. You just have to ask yourself if you're willing to invest in yourself and are you ready to COMMIT to your dreams & goals?